MGCH Chapter 799

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (68)

She hugged the two meter blue fatty on the way back. He Dongling controlled the smart wheelchair himself and slowly followed behind.

When they got to the hospital, from a distance, they saw at the entrance.

Stood a conspicuous form.

Tall and thin, upright figure. Dressed in a black silk coat, with loose sleeves and a soft hood on his head.

He was holding a two meter blue fatty and had a black mask wrapped around his face, revealing only a pair of beautiful eyes and some fair skin.

It was He Nanxi.

Bai Weiwei was just about to say hello.

When He Nanxi already reacted, he was bored from waiting and his brows were low.

Having seen Bai Weiwei, his expression regained its spirits, even his eyes shined peerlessly.

Then He Nanxi saw her hand struggling to hold a Doraemon, just like the one in his hand.

Finally, he saw his brother appear behind Bai Weiwei.

And He Nanxi’s eyes dimmed.

Did Bai Weiwei still like his brother?

He hesitated, yet still went over and got faster as he walked.

In the blink of an eye he reached Bai Weiwei, “Weiwei, Happy Mid Autumn Festival, today is the day of reunite with family, I immediately thought to be with you.”

Bai Weiwei showed a big smile, “I bought some fruit and snacks, we can enjoy the moon on the roof later.”

He Nanxi’s dim eyes instantly brightened again, he nodded: “En.”

He Dongling, who was neglected in the back: “……”

Wasn’t he He Nanxi’s brother?

Wasn’t he Bai Weiwei’s ex husband?

Speaking of family.

Wasn’t he the family of both the people?

He Dongling deliberately cleared his throat.

As a result, two young people holding blue fatties kept having a heated discussion.

He was just an old man in a wheelchair forgotten in the back.

The old man coughed again……

No one heard.

He coughed over and over.

Bai Weiwei turned around, “What happened to you? Do you need some water?”

He Dongling immediately nodded, “A glass or a hundred, would do.”

A hundred cups of water, with her water feeding service.

Back in the ward, He Nanxi put the blue fatty in Bai Weiwei’s chair.

Then he quietly kicked the blue fatty from his brother to the side.

He Dongling’s brows twitched when he saw from the corner of his eye.

Bai Weiwei brought the water, just as she was about to bend over to feed him.

He Nanxi rushed over and took the cup from Bai Weiwei’s hands, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, brother, I’ll come take care of you.”

It wasn’t just He Dongling’s brow twitching, the corner of his mouth was shaking, “I thought you’d forgotten you had a brother, your brother is paralyzed and you just remembered to come visit me.”

He Nanxi pursed his lips, lowered his head and said, “Brother, I’m sorry, I was too busy. Such a big thing happened at home, I needed to carry the house like a man.”

He Dongling brows relaxed, this too, the family collapsed like this.

This younger brother had played around since he was small, he hadn’t eaten any bitterness.

Even his growth was satisfactory. Like a good child, he didn’t dare to touch anything bad.

He thought that the family being like this, He Nanxi would be in a slump.

The result was unexpected, somewhat similar to him.

He was determined to start again, showing his ambition and talent and climbing up bit by bit.

He Dongling was just about to let it go and forgive him.

Only to hear him say: “The family’s burden is heavy, you can’t bear it. Also can’t earn any money, you’re getting older, discipline isn’t great. Originally I thought when you woke up, you could go out and set up a stall, or go to the construction site to move some bricks to subsidize the family, but you’re paralyzed. I have to carry our family’s heavy burden, to support a pair of poor old parents and a paralyzed pitiful brother whose legs can’t be used……”

Pitiful brother whose legs can’t be used: “……”


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