MGCH Chapter 802

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (71)

Bai Weiwei was tired, so she fell asleep soundly.

Soft and unguarded in He Nanxi’s arms.

He Nanxi said: “Brother, I’ll first take Weiwei down first, it’s cold here and I am afraid she’ll get sick.”

He Dongling nodded, “Go on.”

He Nanxi nodded and strode away.

He Dongling stayed there for a while. Wait, if there’s no one to help push him down the stairs, how will he get down, ah.

Back in the ward.

He Nanxi placed Bai Weiwei on the guest bed.

Two fat, blue plushies who were quietly sitting off to the side in the corner.

He Nanxi looked at the one his brother gifted and wanted to throw it into the trash can.

But the trash can wasn’t big enough to fit it.

He deliberately made a raffle, because she once said she liked cartoons.

Especially Doraemon.

So he personally picked out the smiling cute blue plushie for her.

Except, he worried it would be too obvious, so he put it on the Weibo raffle.

The blue plushie was not expensive, as the first prize it would be too low end.

Coupled with the fact that the first prize was not easy to win, he also specially had his assistant buy an Apple laptop as the first prize.

The top nine prizes were all expensive, only the tenth place prize was not very eye catching, nor expensive.

What was precious was just his sentiments.

But she didn’t even draw for the raffle, so he had to carry the blue plushie to find her.

He Nanxi covered Bai Weiwei with a quilt.

When she fell asleep, she was quiet and pleasant, tender and pure. As if he were holding water, soft and unrestrained.

Yet, also bright and tempting.

He Nanxi was a little nervous. He was short of breath and his face was glowing red.

Suddenly, she gently murmured something.

He hurried to listen, but it was just a meaningless dream.

She turned over, lips grazing past his ears. Soft and warm breath, tickled his ears and heart.

He Nanxi couldn’t move his head. His body was as stiff as a stone.

It wasn’t easy for him to recatch his breath.

He Nanxi’s eyes were a little heated, but they were suppressed.

He saw her fingertips protruding from the quilt. He was unable to prevent himself from holding them, trying to put her back in place so she wouldn’t get cold.

After holding them, the soft, as if boneless, fingers made him powerless to stop himself from grasping.

Once grasped, he was incapable of resisting the impulse to measure her ring finger with his fingers.

This was where the ring would be placed.

He Nanxi measured a bit, found the approximate size, and couldn’t help but say: “A little thin, I’ll have to fatten you up a bit later.”

He looked up, only to see that she was still sleeping soundly.

He Nanxi pursed his lips and finally, unable to fight the desires in his heart, bent slowly over to her head and covered her mouth.

The soft plumpness of her lips were just right, like a flower, full of nectar.

It made him want more.

After a deep kiss, He Nanxi looked up, his neck was flushed and hot, but his back was chilled.

He turned around.

The door was open with He Dongling sitting there for who knows how long.

The atmosphere was suffocating as the two men stared at each other.

After a while, He Dongling put a cigarette in his mouth, carelessly lit it.

Through the smoke he smiled coldly, “Yo, Nanxi has really grown up, even getting involved with his sister-in-law.”

He Nanxi was silent for a while before correcting, “Ex sister-in-law.”

He Dongling almost choked on the cigarette in his hand, “Ex sister-in-law, is still your sister-in-law. You hairy, poorly raised little bastard, are you doing right to your brother?”

He Nanxi immediately whispered, “You wronged her first.”

He Dongling: No words to refute.

“I did something to her that deserves my apologies, but does that mean you are going to do something that will require you to apologize to me?”

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