MGCH Chapter 803

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (72)

He Dongling just thought of that counterpoint.

Finally He Nanxi faintly said: “I want to marry her, husband and wife are one. If I do something that deserves me to apologize to you, then she did something that deserves her to apologize to you. But you also did something that deserves you to apologize to her, so they cancel out.”

The flat-bellied system that wanted a late night snack: this bandit logic gets full points!

The cigarette in He Dongling’s hand was shaking causing the smoke to be shaken in an S shape.

He took a few deep breaths before waving his hand and beckoning He Nanxi over.

After all, this was a matter between men.

So the brothers had a tacit understanding not to quarrel where Bai Weiwei slept.

In the corridor, He Dongling motioned for He Nanxi to bow his head.

He Nanxi was very calm and obedient. A fist struck him in the face.

He Nanxi staggered back a few steps, this blow tore his gums and he spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was expressionless as he pulled his cuff up to wipe his mouth.

He Dongling who punched him had the back of his hand go numb from the force.

“So you’re not going to give up?”

He Nanxi tilted his head, his face was clear and fair. His exquisite appearance normally seemed a little too slim.

Except, he suddenly revealed a cold smile, the sharpness and fierceness of his eyes displacing the softness of his features, leaving only tough indifference behind.

“Brother, you didn’t want her, but I cherish her.”

He Dongling anxiously smoked his cigarette, “I regret it, she’s one of a kind.”

He’s played with who knows how many women.

But, who could be like Bai Weiwei? Bearing hardship without complaint, not afraid to suffer on his behalf.

His family collapsed, she didn’t run.

He was paralyzed, despite her cold face, she stayed with him.

He Dongling wasn’t stupid, he was still a ruthless businessman.

He never expected the best investment he ever made.

Was inadvertently marrying Bai Weiwei while playing around with her heart.

Yet, his biggest failure was that he gave her up just like that.

He Dongling wasn’t willing to give up. If he gave up Bai Weiwei again, another chance wouldn’t appear in the future.

He Nanxi suddenly looked up with dark eyes. He raised his delicate jaw and expressionlessly stated: “The world doesn’t let people who regret hace another chance. I am young, I have a promising future and I love her to death. What can you give her.”

He Dongling pressed his thin lips tight, his eyes slightly narrowed and full of cruelty.

He Nanxi wasn’t even remotely scared, he casually scratched the corner of his mouth with his fingers.

A single punch for a kiss, he thought it was worth it.

“I know you brother, at best you just like her a little bit. You think Weiwei is good to you and won’t abandon you in times of distress. With her, you can get more love than you need to give.”

He Dongling gritted his teeth, “He Nanxi, shut up!”

He Nanxi’s beautiful eyes drooped, they were filled with discomfort.

“I won’t. Why did you treat her like that? You think she’s very good and regret letting her go. This is what you call love? You’re just a self serving bastard.”

He Nanxi continued fiercely, “I won’t let her be sad, I will try my best to give her happiness. If she does not love me, or even like me, it doesn’t matter. Because I will give her everything I have, including love. If I’m down and out and she abandons me, I will only be glad that I didn’t affect her. If I become disabled and she doesn’t want me anymore, I’ll be happy she doesn’t have to take care of me and can become even more happy.”

It was a harsh and cruel statement.

Loaded with reckless disregard and a wolfish temper.

He Nanxi took a few steps toward He Dongling, reached for his collar and smiled: “Could you do that, brother? You can’t. You’re downcast like this and you’re going to use her to take care of you. All you want is a nanny and a maid.”

Piper: Did he just spit blood inside? what if that was carpet? or wood? Why? he should have swallow it! Also that logic, dang. Whatever HD’s response is, he still loses BWW unless he decides to become unreasonable.

In the meantime the next chapter will come out on time along with some surprises, so keep an eye open for them ^.~


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