MGCH Chapter 804

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (73)

After that, He Nanxi pushed him hard.

He Dongling hit the back of a wheelchair chair and the cigarette in his hand fell to the ground.

He Nanxi tidied his cuffs.

With a calm voice, “Brother, if you really love her, I’ll compete fairly with you. But, if you’re just playing her to put her to good use because you think she’s too kind and can take care of you, then save it.”

When he said that, the corner of his mouth raised into a cold smile.

“She was bullied before because I wasn’t there, anyone who bullies her now, I’ll kick them in the head.”

He Dongling coughed, He Nanxi shoved him hard.

“Nanxi, I’ll say it again, she is your sister-in-law.”

He Nanxi raised his eyes where bright tenderness and ferocious tyranny intermingled.

“Don’t say she’s my sister-in-law again. Against a slag like you, even if she were my ancestor, I’d still steal her for myself.”

What sort of bird was He Dongling? Bai Weiwei suffered how much torture?

He wasn’t blind and had long held a belly full of anger.

The corner of He Dongling’s mouth moved reluctantly into a smile.

“Did you decide to pry the corner off my wall? But you forgot, she still likes me.”

He Nanxi’s expression was cold.

He Dongling: “She could even die for me, what qualifications do you have to snatch her from me.”

He Nanxi finally couldn’t help rolling his eyes and scorned, “I love her so much I’d rather die alone. You’d let her die for you. These kinds of bastard words, are you proud of them?”

He Dongling reiterated: “Anyway, she still likes me.”

He Nanxi: “You are living in past tense, a useless, half paralyzed old man.”

He Dongling felt that he hadn’t died in the car accident, only to be infuriated to death in his own brother’s hands.

He Nanxi turned and walked away, and retorted in a disdainfully dismissive manner: “I’ll go check to see if Weiwei has accidentally kicked off her quilt, talking to you is a waste of emotion.”

He Dongling: “……”

MMP1, coveting his own sister-in-law, but despite his wavering morals he was still so energetic?

He Nanxi went to the ward and saw that Bai Weiwei was still sleeping in the same position.

Other than the calf that kicked open a corner quilt, revealing dazzling skin.

This fairness shook He Nanxi’s heart.

He gently covered her. Then he suddenly flattened his mouth and was unable to suppress the grievance in his eyes.

Where was even a half point of the momentum from before?

“Do you really like my brother? Like him that much?”

He Nanxi’s eyes were a little wet and he glanced at her soft profile.

“Can’t you like me a little more? I’m much better than my brother.”

When he finished, he gently picked up her hand, placing it on his face he looked at her.

“If you like mature older men, I will be very mature in the future……”

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 90.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, He Dongling lit another cigarette. But he didn’t smoke it, so it just shivered.

He thought a lot about it.

He discovered his possessive desire for Bai Weiwei and he liked her more.

Indeed, it wasn’t as pure as He Nanxi.

He was even so ashamed he wasn’t able to lift his head just now.

He Dongling began to wonder, if perhaps, he was really too bad for her.

Ding, He Slag’s favorability is at 60.

When Bai Weiwei got up, she found that He Nanxi had a favorability of ninety.

While the favorability of the slag was only sixty.

Bai Weiwei was so deeply depressed, she didn’t bother to ask why the two men’s favorability had gone up overnight.

“Tongzi, get ready.”

System: “I’m ready, I got two pairs of pants with an exposed ass, one for each of us.”

Bai Weiwei: “You wayward goods, you would also buy this sort of thing? Still, let’s go belly dance together.”

1: For those who forgot mmp is chinese slang for Motherf*cker.

Piper: Well after all that had happened, we got to have at least one extra apology chapter right? Click the next chapter button XD


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  1. Dongling’s clinging pretty hard to that “but she’s your SIL” excuse for someone who cucked his own father with the mistress.

    1. HahahHahah I forgot about that… And we you put it that way, it’s even more hilarious. Nanxi cucked his brother with his SIL, who was cucked by her mistress’ husband, who cucked his own father, who cucked his wife.

      That’s one hell of genealogy tree (if ever someone had a baby)

    2. He really got nothing to refute nor any cards up his sleeve because he knew he’s a slagggg at least he’s honest tho😂 but he isn’t making any sense either

  2. The only innocent ones in that dirtbag family are HN and BWW😳 You two need to cut n run the hell far far away

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