MGCH Chapter 807

Translator: TheWhiteBook

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (76)

Bai Weiwei reopened her game, quietly playing.

The system was anxious, “Aren’t you going to do something big to cause He slag’s favorability to rise?”

Bai Weiwei: What is favorability? Attacking isn’t as good as dancing, let’s dance together.”

Sixty five and ninety two.

Previously, she needed a costly do or die mentality to raise it so much.

Now, she didn’t do anything, yet it climbed upwards so desperately.

Bai Weiwei already came to terms that this task couldn’t be done.

Whoever liked to do it, could go do it.

The system was also quiet. It silently took out a pair of the pants it bought on discount and tried them on, if the size wasn’t right, they could be returned within 24 hours.

In the following days, He Dongling became busier.

All in order to get rid of the image of a useless, half paralyzed old man.

He took the lead in consolidating all the remaining resources and began to do whatever it took to rob others of their resources.

Then this time he learned how to behave.

He didn’t touch Jiu Ye’s side.

While working, or when rehabilitating, he would exchange a few words with Bai Weiwei from time to time.

He Dongling had never been so busy.

The captive Bai Weiwei was also very busy, busy watching cartoons and playing games.

She also deliberately didn’t flirt with He Nanxi.

Except, even so, He Nanxi’s favorability still savagely grew to ninety five.

While He slags favorability, after following behind him teasing and tempting…

Sixty five, not even thunder strikes could move it.

If the two brothers’ favorability increases could be evened out, everything would be fine.

He Dongling took Bai Weiwei to the company every day.

Eventually, rumors of reconciliation came out.

He Nanxi was very busy, but he still called Bai Weiwei every day.

However, during this time she didn’t respond to him on Weibo.

She rarely answered her phone and then he heard the news that she and his brother were reconciling.

He Nanxi pushed back the rest of his work, put on a mask and hoodie and ran straight to the company.

Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei, tired of playing her games, had laid down to take a nap.

He Dongling had been reading a policy file. When he raised his head and saw her closed eyes and skin as soft and fair as a cake.

He observed her silently for a moment, before slowly pushing the wheelchair beside the sofa. 

He whispered: “Weiwei, I’m off to work.”

Bai Weiwei didn’t respond, this time she had consumed too much physical and mental strength, she was really tired.

He Dongling held his jaw as he studied her carefully.

Very good looking, delicate eyebrows, thick lashes, rosy skin even without makeup.

She was beautiful and particularly comfortable to be with.

If it wasn’t for her family background, he might have never turned his back on her from the offset.

It was the first time he had regarded her so carefully.

He Dongling looked and looked, unconsciously his heart throbbed a little.

A frivolous player of a man who was accustomed to flirting.

His heart would not be easily moved.

Hu Lijing from before, brought him more excitement than emotion.

They might match each other well for a while, and He Dongling even thought that this little lover was pretty good and they could develop for a long time.

However, that had nothing to do with a moved heart.

This was the first time He Dongling had felt it so clearly in his heart. Opened up by her peaceful sleeping face, completely captured by her.

He was unable to resist lowering his head, getting closer and closer to her lips.

No lust, it wasn’t sensory stimulation either.

Just, purely wanting to touch her a little.

Ding, He Slag’s favorability is at 70.

He Dongling hesitated two centimeters from her lips.

Her breath blew over and made him tense for a moment.

How could he actually be nervous about a common kiss?

He Dongling couldn’t help laughing at himself and was just about to drop a kiss.

When the door suddenly opened.

He Dongling’s actions paused. Looking up, he saw He Nanxi’s pair of gloomy eyes.

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