MGCH Chapter 814

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (83)


He Dongling was so anxious he abruptly stood up.

Stood up?

His legs suddenly got better, usually, He Dongling might be happy.

But now, he was so worried he rushed out in an instant. He called the driver and sped off to stop Bai Weiwei.

Along the way, he mobilized his men to intercept Bai Weiwei.

The reports said that Bai Weiwei was on her way to Jiu Ye’s birthday banquet.

The old man treated her with significance.

Not talking about the assassination. If Bai Weiwei’s face was so attractive to Jiu Ye, that perverted old man wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

He Dongling hurried all the way to the birthday banquet.

It was held in the guest hall of Jiu Ye’s home.

He Dongling also had an invitation, so he felt that might be able to intercept Bai Weiwei.

When He Dongling got out of the car, he saw that Bai Weiwei was just entering.

He shouted in a panic, “Weiwei, come back.”

Bai Weiwei’s steps paused. Standing at the door with a lamp over her head, the light cast onto her body created a hazy holy light.

She smiled and her eyes were brimming with light.

Beautiful, but unobtainable.

He Dongling only felt his heart jump up completely out of his control and painfully hit his chest.

His voice grew rough, “I like you, like you.”

This sentence seemed impulsive.

But, it seemed to be a difficult trial, he should have been careful to open his mouth and confess.

Ding, He Slag’s favorability is at 85.

Bai Weiwei didn’t speak. She took a deep look at him, then turned and walked in.

He Dongling shuddered and immediately followed.

However, He Dongling was stopped at the door.

Taking out the invitation didn’t help, as if he had been deliberately stopped.

He Dongling’s whole body chilled when he thought about it. Jiu Ye, that rotten old man, sure enough, had his eye on Bai Weiwei.

He remembered her words, because she was a hostess, it didn’t matter even if she faced an old man who coveted her?

He Dongling stood outside the door. He couldn’t help but take out a cigarette, except his fingers trembled to the point of being completely unable to hold it.

At last, he scolded himself, “Beast.”

If it weren’t for him, Bai Weiwei wouldn’t have been forced to this point.

The tears in He Dongling’s eyes finally fell. He shed his tears in silence and struggled to light his cigarette and smoked.

He was like a mourning dog, filled with a sense of despair.

He finished smoking and finally raised his head. His eyes were gloomy and crazed, fiercely determined to bet it all on one throw.

He Dongling returned to his car. He made a call and ordered half of his men to go out to rescue his brother.

The other side might tear the ticket1, so he previously didn’t dare to act lightly.

But, now He Dongling didn’t care about anything.

He knew that Bai Weiwei wouldn’t succeed. If he didn’t save her, Bai Weiwei’s body would be waiting for him at dawn.

Just now he saw the hundreds of ways she could die run through his mind and it put him through heart tearing and lung splitting pain.

He Dongling pulled out his pistol and sat in the back seat of the car, waiting for the other half of his men to arrive. 

He had been reluctant to bring out the full force he had accumulated over the years, even after the family collapsed.

Now, it would all be completely exposed.

Despite this, He Dongling was surprisingly calm, he wanted to save He Nanxi.

Also wanted to save Bai Weiwei.

But this time, it forced him to death.

Maybe nothing could save them and all three of them were going to die.

He Dongling still resolved himself to do his best, even if he was courting death.

Rather than living like a dog, it was better to die with someone you love. Wasn’t that a kind of happiness?

1: 会撕票 an idiom for killing the hostage… Is that really so common it needed one?


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