MGCH Chapter 815

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (84)

When Bai Weiwei walked in, the banquet had already begun.

She asked the system, “What did you buy?”

System: “Because you’re still lacking two points of favorability for He Nanxi, plus five points for He Dongling. I bought you a ten minute duration IQ reduction agent, it ensures that within ten minutes, that ox strength cannon fodder, Jiu Ye’s IQ will be as low as if he had no brain.”

The corner of Bai Weiwei’s mouth twitched.

The system, afraid that she would accuse it of careless spending, offered its sincere words and earnest wishes: “It’s time to spend, ah. If you strangle Jiu Ye, He Dongling’s favorability wouldn’t immediately jump to one hundred.”

He Nanxi could be ignored, his favorability could casually rise by itself, no need to attack.

Bai Weiwei with the visage of Buddha: “It’s been bought, forget it. I even put up with those rare flower pants, is there anything else in this world I can’t stand?”

The system was silent and then took out the two pairs of pants.

Leopard print plus colorful glitter, it felt like it was pretty good looking, ah.

After Bai Weiwei went in, she was led to see Jiu Ye.

Jiu Ye was still the person wearing a three catty gold chain necklace, bright and dazzling, showing that he was particularly rich.

His hair was gray, his eyes greatly fluctuated, but were dark with grim resolve.

Yet, when he saw Bai Weiwei, his eyes still had a flash of spirit and became moist.

Bai Weiwei stood upright and beautiful in her princess dress under the crystal chandelier, just like a little princess.

She seemed a little nervous, the banquet’s guests left her a little lost, but her eyes were bright and adorable.

“Hello, Jiu Ye.” Bai Weiwei said in accordance with etiquette, but her head was slightly tilted and the corners of her mouth were lifted into a smile.

Jiu ye stared at her blankly for three seconds, “You really look like her.”

Bai Weiwei beamed: “Like who?”

Jiu Ye: “My daughter.”

Bai Weiwei thought of the information on Jiu Ye’s daughter.

When Jiu Ye was young he had a white moonlight lover, however, he was involved with black business and had to leave her.

The white moonlight gave birth to his only daughter.

It took Jiu Ye more than a decade to firmly establish himself and at that time the white moonlight also contacted him.

She was very ill and she hoped he would come to take his daughter.

That was the first time he heard that he had a daughter.

When he was fighting with someone, he hurt his life root and he could no longer have children.

This daughter was almost identical to his white moonlight, she was a beautiful child and was like the flesh of Jiu Ye’s heart.

Later, this daughter died because she blocked a gun for Jiu Ye.

And so the story ended.

Therefore, when Jiu Ye saw this so similar to his own daughter Bai Weiwei, his paternal love came up.

The system reminded: “The IQ reduction agent’s been used, the effect has started, he may be more affected by the user. You be careful.”

Bai Weiwei: There’s a persistent feeling that there’s something hidden in the system’s words. It couldn’t be that this thing had terrible consequences right.

As Jiu Ye reached out, his eyes became kind and loving and his various cold and calm thoughts began to disappear.

His mind kept thinking about what his daughter looked like.

That child wasn’t raised by him, but by his separated wife. Naive and stubborn, but very fond of him.

Clearly, he was involved with black business, but she wasn’t afraid.

Even fighting to get him back on track, away from the black road.

Originally he had begun to soften, to wash himself.

However, her death made him completely desperate.

He began to take revenge on others. Later when he had no more objects of vengeance, he began to catch and abuse anyone displeasing to his eyes.

Anyway, his daughter, his only child, had died.


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