MGCH Chapter 818

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The Superstar Little Brother-in-Law and The Social Butterfly Big Sister-in-Law (87)

This year, there were actually two groups of people stealing territory and fighting each other with guns.

The system immediately said: “Hurry, crawl out like a cat, don’t get caught by stray bullets.”

Bai Weiwei nodded with a somewhat unsightly face and ran for the door.

He Dongling’s heart was pounding and burning as he searched for Bai Weiwei through the flying bullets.

He was most afraid of being too late and seeing the scene of Bai Weiwei lying under Jiu Ye.

Bai Weiwei ran quickly and wasn’t far from He Dongling.

He Dongling also raised his eyes and saw her, his face flashed with wild joy.

Bai Weiwei rushed too fast, she slipped on some cake that had been dropped on the ground by the crowd.

Her whole person flew forward.

He Dongling just reached out and welcomed her figure as it rushed into his arms.

But, Bai Weiwei felt something shoot into her back.

And then, up to her heart.

Bai Weiwei: “……”

The system immediately issued a sharp warning, “The host’s vital organ was shot, there is a major mortal threat, minimum life subsistence guarantee automatic start up, Ding–”

System: “The body is on the verge of death, the minimum life subsistence guarantee expires after ten minutes. Please, host, complete the task to leave the plane as soon as possible.”

The heart injury was doubtlessly fatal, if it wasn’t for the minimum life subsistence guarantee she would return to the heavens.

Because of the minimum life subsistence guarantee.

Bai Weiwei didn’t feel any pain. She was a little dizzy and her vision was darkening.

Even if there was no pain.

She could still feel the onset of death and suffocation that comes with it.

She opened her mouth, however the depths of her throat smelled of blood.

He Dongling carried her away without knowing anything.

Most of the city’s criminal underworld was at this banquet.

After today, the losses of those underworld forces would be more than half.

He Dongling only hoped Bai Weiwei wouldn’t be dragged in.

After running out of the door, He Dongling was anxious to stuff Bai Weiwei into the car’s passenger seat.

Then he hurriedly pulled open the door on the other side and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Weiwei, I sent people to save Nanxi, Jiu Ye won’t let us go, so tonight we’ll go abroad, sound good or……”

He Dongling said while watching the road as his car sped out.

Halfway through, he saw the blood on his fingers.

He wasn’t hurt, where did the blood come from?

He Dongling stared blankly at his blood stained fingers. Finally, with palpable shock in his trembling eyes, looked at Bai Weiwei next to him.

She rested her head weakly against her seat, her complexion was pale and her eyes were a little unfocussed.

And on her chest, a large flower of blood bloomed.

It was from the bullet that pierced the heart, the blood burst out from the wound.

A sight that stunned the heart to the point of tragedy.

He Dongling couldn’t suppress his frantic trembling, his voice quivered: “Weiwei?”

Bai Weiwei didn’t say a word, instead she labored to look at him and the corner of her mouth faintly smiled.

He Dongling was stupefied by this smile, then he finally reacted.

The bullet was fired at him.

At that time, she wildly threw herself into his arms and blocked the bullet.

He immediately stepped on the accelerator and desperately drove the car out.

Hospital, quickly get to the hospital.

Bai Weiwei suddenly said, “I’m sleepy.”

He Dongling said in fear: “Don’t sleep, the hospital isn’t far.”

Bai Weiwei: “I didn’t expect to die like this.”

It was completely unexpected that Bai Weiwei stepped on some cake and died.

He Dongling thought what she was saying, was that she never considered dying for him.

He hurt her so much.

She may have broken her heart, so she didn’t intend to forgive him at all.

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: Those four paragraphs in a row that all mentioned the minimum life subsistence guarantee started to feel kind of advertisementy, ya know? The way it kept reiterating “Minimum life subsistence guarantee it does this!” was kind of odd. Just saying, 004 probably isn’t above shilling system goods. It’s in dire straits this Arc, what with spending half the life value it would normally put aside for food on assless chaps.


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