MGCH Chapter 822

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Reality (2)

Weiwei must have promised that filthy Jiu Ye something terrible.

For him to be willing to save Nanxi.

He Dongling bitterly smiled, “I know you do not forgive me. If I wasn’t so hasty, we wouldn’t have made such enemies, you wouldn’t have been kidnapped, and Weiwei wouldn’t die.”

“But our lives were saved by Weiwei. Don’t waste it, otherwise after death you’ll have no face to see her.”

He Dongling said that, and quietly waited for a while.

Yet, He Nanxi remained unresponsive.

He laughed at himself and turned to leave.

But, before he moved two steps, the door opened.

He Nanxi came out. His face was unkempt, and his clothes were still what he wore on the day he was rescued.

His entire body smelled sour. His eyes were cloudy from who knows how long he hadn’t slept.

He didn’t speak either, just crouched down.

Picked up the rice that had cooled for several hours, then looked down before eating it hastily.

He Dongling stood by without moving.

He Nanxi ate quickly, not caring whether his face got covered in rice grains.

His eyes were lifeless and his face was abnormally ugly.

No fan would be able to recognize him.

After He Nanxi finished eating, he went to take a shower and washed very carefully.

When he finished he wore a black suit.

Shaved and took care of his hair.

Soon, except for being a little thinner and paler.

He Nanxi had returned to his former beauty.

The childish youthfulness of his face was gone, leaving a more desolate sense of maturity.

He couldn’t be dirty when he went to see Weiwei.

He Nanxi expressionlessly went to the cemetery with his brother.

The brothers were surprisingly similar, white faced and grim with no light in their eyes.

Not many people attended the funeral, they were all people of the company.

Bai Weiwei’s urn was placed in her coffin.

When the coffin was slowly being covered.

He Nanxi’s body suddenly swayed, almost falling down.

He Dongling reached out to steady him, but He Nanxi immediately broke free. He raised his fist and hit He Dongling in the face.

This punch was very heavy.

Loaded with despair.

He Dongling’s nose started to bleed.

The people next to him came over, intending to stop it.

But He Dongling coldly said: “Roll to one side, this is a matter between brothers.”

He Nanxi rushed over again, frantically raising his fist and throwing it at him.

He Dongling didn’t resist, taking up the post of getting beaten by He Nanxi.

He was soon struck into a pig’s head by He Nanxi.

He Nanxi suddenly shouted like he tore his heart and split his lungs, “Fight back, why don’t you fight back, you bastard.”

He Dongling spit out a mouthful of blood, and said with no expression: “Being killed is also good, I originally felt that being alive had no meaning. Dead, I can just go after her.”

He Nanxi abruptly kicked out hard.

He Dongling fell to the side of the burial mound, below which was the pit where the coffin was placed.

He was covered in blood as he looked at the urn in the center of the uncapped coffin.

His eyes were a little sour. He Dongling got up as if he lost his spirit and damaged his soul.

He Nanxi charged over again, and grabbed his collar viciously, pushing him to the ground once more.

“It’s all your fault, if it weren’t for you, how could Weiwei go to beg Jiu Ye.”

At that time, He Dongling shouldn’t have told Bai Weiwei.

That he was abducted.

Not to mention that killing Jiu Ye could save him.

He Nanxi crouched down and raised his fist.

He Dongling closed his eyes. He didn’t dodge, leaving him to vent.

Despite this, the fist didn’t fall.


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  1. did i just sneak from my math class to cry myself early in the morning here😭 Yesss beat that slag Nanxi idc i’m forever at ‘pissed’ and unreconciled with He slag, and was it just me or He Slag didn’t really reach 100 points?????Did I miss something due to utter prejudice???? If he really didn’t then bsh please, like really—ugh💀💀💩💩 If he did then good for him, he still can be salvaged, at least his toenail and little pinky would be saved from hell

    1. No, you didn’t miss anything, he is forever 95%.
      I’m not certain, but I don’t think any supporting leads reached 100%.

  2. Well, 95% is good enough. I highly doubt He Slag would ever had this affection for someone else other than himself again.
    I mean, I compare that with losing a part of you, rather than He Nanxi, that he feels like he is losing his soul or worse.

    1. Yeah I somehow agree, it’s indeed good enough for a man of his type. I really just can’t—like, BWW died protecting him (though comically accidental) he wasn’t, uh, touched or something? Perhaps, let’s just assume that the remaining 5% was because it’s not love but guilt, and that although he’s an egoistic, selfish and narcissistic slag, he knew and consciously aware that he doesn’t deserve to have someone like BWW at all. Hence the inability to fill the points completely. Who knows, right?

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