MGCH Chapter 823

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Reality (3)

He opened his eyes, but saw He Nanxi’s face covered in tears. He Nanxi gritted his teeth, and sorrowfully looked at him in despair.

“I’d rather have died then, brother.”

Instead of letting Bai Weiwei go to Jiu Ye, just to save him.

He Nanxi’s shouted, basically sobbing, “I’d rather die, I’d really rather die, how could you not protect her.”

He Dongling stared blankly at him.

He Nanxi smiled coldly, appearing miserable.

“You married her, but you didn’t protect her.”

“You said you were going to remarry, but you still couldn’t protect her.”

He Nanxi said coldly: “You really are a useless, blind in the eyes and heart, old man.”

He Dongling didn’t make a sound, his expression unspeakably gloomy and somber.

It took a little effort to get up, but as soon as he stood firmly, his fists were sent out.

He Nanxi was unguarded and was vigorously punched by him.

He Dongling didn’t stop, he continued to swing his fists.

“She is your sister-in-law, you are a little beast who coveted your own sister-in-law. I stood by and let you hit me for the sake of our relationship as brothers, not to let you continue to long for her.”

He Nanxi glared at him fiercely, his eyes were wild and crazy.

It could make people who saw shudder.

He laughed with a hehe, lifted his foot and kicked all at once.

He Dongling blocked his movements with both hands.

He Nanxi did not care, and kept on kicking, “Covet? It was the woman you didn’t cherish, you wanted to steal your little brother’s woman.”

He Dongling smiled furiously, “She was your woman?”

He Nanxi kicked him in the stomach and He Dongling punched him in the face.

Both men were like beasts that were at a dead end, brawling and beating each other.

The two brothers seemed anxious to immediately kill each other at the funeral, or let the other kill themselves, so they wouldn’t have to face the fact that she was dead.

He Nanxi could never forget.

After he was rescued that day, he heard her say that she liked him, and felt a wild joy.

Except, then his brother’s voice rang from the other side of the phone.

And his world collapsed.

He said, “Weiwei’s gone.”

Gone, what a simple word.

He took away the person he loved most in his life.

He Nanxi’s face was bloody, before he finally kicked He Dongling to the ground again.

He Dongling repeatedly struggled to stand up, but ultimately he laid on the ground silently

He Nanxi didn’t look at him. Struggling with his surging emotions, he walked to the side of the coffin, and stepped into the pit.

Then stretched out both arms to hold the urn, hugging it foolishly.

Not saying a word, he maintained that embracing posture, his eyes dead and vacant.

If he could, he’d rather be buried here to die with her.

He Nanxi realized that he did not even have the strength to cry, just breathing was difficult for him, the world was filled with suffocating pain.

“Weiwei, you saved my life, but I’m living very dreadfully.”

He finally whispered.

“I feel terrible……”

He Nanxi hugged the urn for a few hours, that extremely aggrieved appearance chilled anyone who saw it.

Finally, he put the urn back, and struggled to climb into the pit.

The coffin was buried in the soil.

The funeral was finally complete.

He Nanxi had completely matured in a moment following Bai Weiwei’s death.

He was taciturn and wrote many songs.

They were all sweet love songs.

He was always the brightest star on stage, and every song he released was the most classic song of the year.

He got more and more fans, but off the stage, he was increasingly closed off in private.


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  1. Ah, the hidden downside of a good male lead.
    It hits so much harder when you can’t recite all the bad things they did as a mantra to say they had it coming.

  2. Ok, so it’s literally 12:27 am here and I just reaaally need to share this song I heard because it dang perfectly fits Nanxi’s story. Imma just drop the fated lyrics:

    Hey there now
    Where’d you go
    You left me here
    So unexpected
    You changed my life
    I hope you know
    ‘Cause now I’m lost
    So unprotected
    In the blink of an eye
    I never got to say goodbye

    Like a shooting star
    Flying across the room
    So fast so far
    You were gone too soon
    You’re a part of me
    And I’ll never be the same here without you
    You were gone too soon

    You were always there
    Like a shining light
    On my darkest days
    You were there to guide me
    Oh I miss you now
    I wish you could see
    Just how much your memory
    Will always mean to me
    In the blink of an eye
    I never got to say goodbye

    Aaaaand so on, that’s it, phew, finally got rid of my adrenaline. Sorry i really just had to or I won’t sleep until dawn😂

    1. Oof, please tell me you copy-pasted that? XD I wouldn’t want you hand typing all of that at past midnight, and frankly it’s a great song that can fit a lot of endings for MGCH, I’m still picking out this arcs (or more or less trying to see if we should have two songs for two MLs) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) regardless though, it is going on my list of potential songs!

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