MGCH Chapter 824

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Reality (4)

He became a superstar.

His songs eventually went abroad, and even those who had previously refused him international awards threw out an olive branch in hopes that he would attend the awards ceremonies.

He Nanxi didn’t reject them.

After going on, he won important awards very smoothly.

Ten years passed by so busily.

He Nanxi also became the brightest, most brilliant star of this era.

Everyone liked and admired him.

Anyone with eyes could see his talent, he had fans all over the world.

He Nanxi has opened a global tour concert.

Stop by stop, he sang the songs he wrote for Bai Weiwei.

Sweet lyrics, beautiful warm music.

But, unconsciously let people’s tears fall.

After the concert, he called He Dongling.

These years, He Dongling had become the wealthiest businessman, yet he remained single.

He Dongling received his call, neither of them spoke for a long time.

Over the years, the brothers seemed intent on having hardly any contact with each other.

Early on, they would fight whenever they met. Later, it was almost to the point of turning a blind eye to each other.

He Dongling finally can’t stand the silent atmosphere, he opened his mouth and said: “Something wrong?”

Throughout the years, his power gradually expanded, additionally he was He Nanxi’s star escort.

In later years, He Nanxi never picked up any advertisements, other than his company’s ones.

His company’s popularity was pushed up directly worldwide.

He Nanxi’s eyes were facile, and his tone was unusually calm.

“No, I just wanted to call you, brother.”

He Dongling: “……”

He Nanxi added: “Weiwei hoped I could get back on stage and become the brightest star, did I do it?”

When He Dongling heard Bai Weiwei’s name, his pupils contracted a bit.

For many years, every time he thought of her, that kind of bitter mood still persisted.

He took a few deep breaths before saying, “You did it, Nanxi, so don’t force yourself to death.”

Over the years, He Nanxi had hardly stopped working.

He was almost using his life to write songs.

In quiet times, he seemed like a living dead man.

When writing songs, his whole soul was poured into it.

He Dongling sometimes felt that after Bai Weiwei left.

He Nanxi was just a singing and writing machine, and his joy and sorrow went with the woman.

“Managed to do it well, it can be regarded as having fulfilled Weiwei’s wish.”

He Nanxi smiled softly.

“Brother, goodbye.”

He Dongling stared strangely at his cell phone.

Unable to make heads or tails of the call, did he call just to ask him this question?

He Dongling somewhat tiredly put down his cell phone. He looked into his room, lying in bed was a two meter tall Doraemon.

Although it had been well maintained.

But still can see, this Doraemon had been around for a few years.

He Dongling walked up to the blue fatty and reached for the zipper in its back, revealing a tarnished ring box.

That year, when he gave her the blue fatty.

The ring was hidden inside.

She accepted, so she agreed to remarry.

It was a really despicable way of proposing.

He Dongling laughed at himself, his dark eyes were filled with nostalgic tears.

Sure enough, he was right.

After Bai Weiwei left, he would never meet a second woman like her again.

He Dongling reached out to cover his eyes, “Loving you, is the worst business decision I ever made, but I still…… Find it as bitter as malt sugar1.”

After He Nanxi put down the phone.

He took the key out from under the doormat.

1: 甘之如饴, Bitter as if it’s malt sugar, to be completely content even in adversity, or gladly endure hardships.


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