MGCH Chapter 825

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Reality (5)

Almost no one came to this house.

Over the years He Dongling was busy working and flying all around the world.

Additionally, He Nanxi hardly came back, fighting for his life to shine on the stage.

Their parents also got used to being abroad and simply emigrated.

He Nanxi opened the door and observed the familiar furnishings.

There were people sent from the domestic service center to tidy it up at regular intervals.

So it was still clean.

He Nanxi walked in, and stood still for a while.

Even so, he found that the most familiar figure did not rush out.

To call him Nanxi.

He Nanxi silently set down his luggage, and crouched down.

“Weiwei, I’ve been putting the key under the doormat, worried that without it you wouldn’t be able to get in when you get back.”

As He Nanxi spoke, his voice choked up.

“But you don’t seem to have ever come back.”

He Nanxi crouched for a while before he stood up again.

He went to the music room, opened the piano, and played it.

Remembered that day, when her ethereal voice directly pulled him into a beautiful fantasy world.

He had never heard such beautiful singing.

If she was still here, he would write songs for her.


“You would be redder1 than me, you’d also become a superstar some day. Everyone would be your fan, and the brightest star would be you.”

He Nanxi finished playing the piano and said to himself.

“But life is unfair. You are clearly better than anyone else, yet it’s others that succeed.”

He Nanxi got up and went to the bathroom.

He turned on the water and filled the bathtub.

He changed his clothes to a casual loose fitting hooded jacket.

After he matured, he didn’t dress up like this for many years.

Because this style always carried the juvenile temperament of a teenager.

He Nanxi checked the water’s temperature with his hand, “For fear that you won’t recognize me, I’m wearing the clothes from that day I went to the bar to pick you up.”

The water temperature was just right, and He Nanxi laid down quietly.

Then he reached for the knife next to him, there was no hesitation when he slit his wrist.

The wound was terrible, if it wasn’t for the wrist bone blocking the blade.

He could have cut off his hand.

Blood desperately poured out.

The water in the bathtub turned red in an instant.

He Nanxi laid in the water quietly closing his eyes.

He had become the brightest star.

He fulfilled her wish, so he could finally rest.

On the day of Bai Weiwei’s death, He Nanxi had died as well.

What made him stay in this world was just the realization of Bai Weiwei’s dream, called He Nanxi.

Now that her wish had come true, he was finally able to close his eyes.

And have a good night’s sleep.

There was her smile in his dream, and she softly called, “Nanxi.”

He Nanxi laughed: “Hey, Weiwei.”

That’s nice.

– – – – – – – – – –

That’s nice.

That’s nice…………

Ye Yuxuan’s lips trembled, and the pain caused him to grit his teeth and muffle a shout.

It was too painful.

The pain, compared to any previous dream experience, was much more maddening.

Many individual fragments, shattered from the dream, and embedded into his body.

The sorrowful crazed emotions of those dreams made him almost incapable of withstanding it.

He couldn’t open his eyes, couldn’t move his body. It was as though his muscles were torn apart, and the bones began to break.

The pain of losing your beloved again and again.

All squeezed into one body.

Ye Yuxuan couldn’t breathe, he didn’t know how long he could carry on for.

He opened his mouth and silently cried: “Bai Weiwei, Bai Weiwei, Bai Weiwei……”

Every dream was of her, every time he couldn’t keep her.

1: redder – 红, meaning more famous.

Piper: Uuuhhhggg, so many great songs for a great ML (in a modern world too + music themed). Had to go with this one from Dodo, but claudecastle also had a great recommendation that I’ve added to my list of songs to potentially use later because it just fits the feel of this story too much (called Gone Too Soon by Simple Plan)! And if it weren’t for being a bit too repetitive, I found one called Singing Without You by Eylie. But if you guys ever get a song you think fits and arc, please don’t hesitate to recommend it! I love hearing new music! But now that you’ve cried your eyes out, I’ll see you tomorrow with more reality chapter goodness XD


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