MGCH Chapter 828

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Reality (8)

Such a man exuded a clean energy, there was a kind of clean and good temperament covering his body.

The kiss took less than three seconds.

Then the system said, “Good.”

The numbers rose a little. Sure enough, contact with Bai Weiwei could help Ye Yuxuan wake up.

Bai Weiwei left his lips with no sense of disgust at all.

She thought it might be because Ye Yuxuan was too clean.

“In the end, what happened to him, Tongzi?”

The system was guilt ridden, but its face was expressionless and its voice was calm, “Because of the life value being fished out, the aura of his body was disrupted leading to severe pain.”

Bai Weiwei sighed, “I didn’t expect to cause this effect.”

He could be said to be her life saving benefactor.

A sense of guilt flashed through Bai Weiwei’s heart.

The system said: “Your aura is similar to his. So holding him, caressing him, kissing him, or even saying you love him could allow his aura to normalize properly.”

Saying this and that, it just wanted her to go flirt.

Ye Yuxuan’s heart was now like the ashes of the dead, the despair of too many planes had interwoven together.

He almost couldn’t endure it.

It could only use Bai Weiwei’s touch to let him return to reality, and not immerse himself in that tragic past.

Bai Weiwei looked at her already bruised hand, she didn’t have the time to doubt the system’s words.

Save your hand, then talk.

She lowered her eyes to him, stretched out her other hand, and tenderly stroked his furrowed brow.

“Yuxuan, it’s Weiwei, can you hear me?”

Her voice softened, like the spring water in March.

It was so nice, it could tickle people’s ears.

Bai Weiwei gently touched his face with an affectionate expression.

“Is it painful, no more pain, I’ll touch it, and the pain will fly away.”

Like the words used to coax a child.

Her actions and mannerisms made it seem as if she loved him deeply.

Ye Yuxuan’s painful complexion finally relaxed a bit, but he hadn’t yet restored his reason.

However, he was already able to speak, and he asked in a hoarse voice, “You didn’t leave?”

Bai Weiwei was silent for a moment, then smiled and responded: “You are here, where could I go? Wherever I go, don’t I always come back to you in the end?”

This was also true.

No matter how many times she went to carry out a plane’s mission, once it was finally time to return to reality.

His life value was her life saving straw.

The painful crease between Ye Yuxuan’s brows, was eventually slowly smoothed out.

However, the severe pain in his body was still present, causing his muscles to tremble.

Yet, his face was unusually calm. If it wasn’t for the fact that she was sitting on him, she wouldn’t be able to tell that he was still suffering in pain.

Bai Weiwei pursed her lips: “Tongzi, are you sure that if I flirt with him he’ll return to normal.”

How come it looked like an outbreak of an acute condition?

She worried that the system misdiagnosed, and delayed the best first aid time.

System: “Not necessarily, that was just to buy me some time.”

To get the numbers up, it flipped out of the fate roulette wheel, and then told Bai Weiwei the results, “You have to take off his clothes.”

Cooperating with the system had become a habit for Bai Weiwei. So she straightforwardly tore open Ye Yuxuan’s shirt from the collar with one hand.

The buttons gave out at once, and several of them rolled under the bed.

The white shirt was opened, exposing a fair chest and abdomen with perfect muscle definition.

His eyes were closed, and he looked somewhat weak.

But still so handsome that she couldn’t find a dark spot in his gap of coverage.

It took Bai Weiwei’s breath away, although she saw so many men on plane missions.

But, once she crossed back to reality, those vivid memories began to blur.


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  1. So here’s my (some sorta obviously observable) conclusions and theories:

    – System’s devastating state is related to Ye Yuxuan
    – Ye Yuxuan’s abnormality of not feeling emotions is related to System
    – His massive life points is also related to System
    – Ye Yuxuan is a transmigrator but he somehow forgot about it(?) maybe System erased his memories(?) because of trauma??? or for some sort of recuperation???
    – YY’s massive life points was acquired through the transmigration missions
    – System somehow encountered high-risk trouble which led to its demise and YY’s abnormalities (Remember BWW’s shield function? Maybe it malfunctioned on YY??)
    – System is hosting YY and BWW at the same time
    – System is using BWW to fix YY (Maybe it took advantage of the fact she’s his fiancee/only woman that can reasonably approach him and that she’s desperate to live)
    – Plot theory: YY would reunite with the system (I mean, maybe he’ll be able to sense it again??? And remember the supposed forgotten System???)


    1. My personal (nonsense) theory is that Ye Yuxuan is somehow inexplicably the main system, either by being a part of it, or it being a part of him, despite him being completely unaware of it’s existence.
      There’s a lot of reasons why I think it, but most all of them could be better explained other ways :/
      Even still that’s the conclusion my intuition led me too(^ヮ^)

      1. That’d be so cool and OP development for YY😂 I kinda root for this theory more than the nonsense I came up with because honestly, I can’t really truly imagine YY being a transmigrator and doing all the mission stuffs, bcuz it kinda clashes with his image in my mind😂😂

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