MGCH Chapter 829

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Reality (9)

It wasn’t that her memory was completely deleted, she clearly knew that she had a mission on such a plane, and also recalled such a person.

But, it was slowly covered with a layer of white fog.

It would take a long time to remember, and she discovered that she had forgotten many things.

Sometimes, it even included the face of the attack target.

Consequently, she now felt that Ye Yuxuan was the most handsome man she’d ever seen.

After Bai Weiwei pulled off his clothes, “And then?”

The system was somewhat embarrassed: “You…… kiss him.”

Bai Weiwei hesitated, only to reluctantly bend over and kiss him.

The system said, “No, kiss his body.”

Finally, Bai Weiwei couldn’t help but ask, “Why kiss his body.”

The system with a scholar’s serious manner: “I need to find where his aura is strongest, and then readjust it for him.”

Ye Yuxuan twitched again. His brows tightly creased, and his face began to show pain again.

Bai Weiwei’s heart was anxious so that she bowed her head to kiss his chest without thinking.

His skin was so smooth and tender, at a glance he was an eldest young master raised in wealth and honor.

She tried kissing his chest, then kissed him again on the arm, and finally kissed him on the waist.

The side of his waist appeared to be a sensitive area.

Ye Yuxuan’s body trembled, not in pain, rather it seemed to tickle.

The system immediately said: “Yes, it’s the side of his waist there, more kiss kiss.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

Then she lowered her head and kissed again.

Ye Yuxuan frowned again, he only felt that something soft had swept over the sensitive spot on his waist.

Tickling and tingly, followed by an electric current flowing through.

He heard a soft voice, “Yuxuan, wake up.”

Ye Yuxuan was pulled out of the dark despair a little.

The system also saw the opportune timing, it took out the fate roulette wheel, and spun one of the needles.

A rumbling sound came from the revolving wheel.

Then a path of golden light was transformed into a complex and elegant circular array.

At once, the array broke into the sensitive place on the side of Ye Yuxuan’s waist.

It fortified the dream isolation, so that he didn’t have to directly bear those pains.

The system wiped its cold sweat, it was finally reinforced.

Next time, it mustn’t let Ye Yuxuan directly face the emotional pain of the planes.

Otherwise, sooner or later he would collapse.

Who made it so that the emotional shield could only be used by Bai Weiwei.

After kissing, Bai Weiwei suddenly found that her hands were not hurting.

She raised her head only to find that Ye Yuxuan had woken up.

He loosened his fingers and he didn’t hold her so hard any more.

His cloudy eyes began to clear.

Bai Weiwei was just about to say something to explain her indecent assault on him.

When the door suddenly opened, and Bai Changyan said in a cold voice: “Ye Yuxuan, I am not some kind of unenlightened parent, as long as you two love how could I hinder you? But, my family’s Weiwei’s feelings for you may only be temporary……”

His voice came to an abrupt end.

Bai Changyan stood at the door, the words in his mouth lost their sound.

He saw his daughter sitting across Ye Yuxuan’s body, where she sat was the key part of someone’s lineage.

Furthermore, she also tore off people’s clothes with the appearance of an overlord’s hard bow1.

Bai Changyan kept silent for a while, before closing the door again.

He stood by the door for a moment, nearly in old tears, “Weiwei, how could you be so rough with others? Isn’t that a crime?”

Qin Qiu, who came to make his rounds, happened to see Bai Changyan standing at the door.

“What’s the matter, I’ll go check on Weiwei’s condition.”

Qin Qiu asked incidentally, as he went to open the next door to give Bai Weiwei her daily scheduled check up.

1: In case anyone forgot, Overlord hard bow = to force oneself on another.


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