MGCH Chapter 830

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Reality (10)

However, Bai Changyan rushed a few steps forward, patted Qin Qiu’s shoulder hard, and slowly said with a sad face: “In-law, how about we arrange a few banquet tables first, while we wait for them to get married?”

Qin Qiu dog-faced: “……”

Bai Changyan said: “In fact, they have been betrothed so long, marriage should be put on the agenda.”

Qin Qiu for a moment was still disoriented, “No, I came to give Weiwei a physical exam.”

Bai Changyan worried that he would discover his daughter’s wrongdoing, and immediately reached out to drag him.

“Come, come, come, in-law. How good do you think my family’s dowry is? I prepared a lot of old things for Weiwei……”

Qin Qiu dazed: “No, that no. This where, come with you where, ah? Wait, wait, where are we going to go, ah……”

Bai Changyan dragged Qin Qiu away.

As an aging father, what to do when one sees one’s daughter forcing a man.

What else could he do, he was desperate, too ah! He could only choose to forgive and cover for her.

Bai Weiwei on the other side of the door: Laid trough, dad saw. What to do, seems that nothing can be done.

So Bai Weiwei regained her calm, and tried to explain her actions.

However, Ye Yuxuan interjected with a hoarse voice: “I dreamt of you again.”

This sentence was clearly transmitted to Bai Weiwei’s ears.

Dreamt of her again.

Bai Weiwei: “What dream?”

The system calmly turned on the dialogue tampering machine.

Ye Yuxuan said: “In the dream you were like my everything, I fulfilled your dream of becoming a superstar for you……”

He also sensed later, with hindsight, realized that in those dreams.

That each and every one of those men, in fact were all him.

Otherwise, he couldn’t explain why he felt heart broken to this extent.

Bai Weiwei heard: “In the dream you were like a cute ostrich, leaping across the Atlantic Ocean. Leaping high into the sky, into a beautiful cloud the shape of a pen’s ink chamber.”

Bai Weiwei was quiet for a while before she showed a polite, yet awkward smile.

“It’s a really creative dream.”

Ye Yuxuan looked at her, a glimmer of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

She hadn’t experienced it, she forgot.

But………… Maybe that’s better.

It was good she forgot about such a painful experience.

Time and time again dying for him, he was afraid that she wouldn’t like him anymore.

Ye Yuxuan’s heart was an emotional dry land, but because of Bai Weiwei’s arrival.

It finally bore seeds and the seeds began to germinate.

All kinds of feelings, all turning and rolling, left him with nothing to do, he couldn’t help but sink.

Bai Weiwei heard the system’s reminder.

Ye Yuxuan’s body index is down. Energy back feeding has begun, you must hurry to entice his mood.

Energy back feeding begins, 135 days, 134 days……

Bai Weiwei said: “Give me a novice gift package, Tongzi.”

The system was surprised: “What’s the matter, your body can hold 250 days of life value now.”

Bai Weiwei glanced at Ye Yuxuan’s pale face, and the places on his clothes that were soaked with sweat.

It looked really pitiful.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes held a tenderness she didn’t notice, “No, he’s now in a state where he appears to have just escaped from death, if I forcefully provoked his feelings who knows if he wouldn’t have another attack.”

The system’s words stopped.

Bai Weiwei said: “Let’s go, I’ll try a little harder. Wait until he’s healthy, and then come fight him again.”

Didn’t he see her sitting on him? Yet, underneath him, there wasn’t the slightest movement.

Proof that Ye Yuxuan was tossed to collapse.

Was it still alright to tease out other’s life, now?

The system watched the life value drop down to 130, and had to immediately open the novice gift package.

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  1. Wait since system said a while back that only BWW can use the shield but like, transferred it to YY(?) Will she be doing the task without it?? (or I just got something wrong here???)

    1. 004 used a formation array (sort of like a chinese variant of a magic circle) along with a powerful artifact to fortify his dream isolation.
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