MGCH Chapter 831

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Willow & Piper

Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (1)

Bai Weiwei’s figure gradually sunk onto Ye Yuxuan, until her entire body way laying flat on his chest. Her long hair messily scattered all over his body.

She looked serene, and her eyes were calm and faint.

“Ye Yuxuan, I’m sleepy, I just want to sleep. So there’s no need to have overnight meetings just to treat me.”

When she finished, her eyes slowly closed.

Ye Yuxuan’s heartbeat accelerated a lot.

He held out his arms and held her gently, letting her lay on himself.

The sun came in from the window, and shone on the two people tranquilly laying together.

An extraordinarily beautiful view.

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei opened her eyes with a headache.

The system notification sounded.

The mission is to win Wake’s love. Target: Wake. Completion: zero. Duration: Five months.

Wake, why did this sound like a foreigner’s name?

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -30.

Negative thirty, Bai Weiwei self-disclosed that it was going to be very challenging.

Then she finally surveyed her surroundings, a huge white, square room with a large pool in the center.

The pool was completely filled with red water.

The water shifted and rolled, causing several broken and tattered corpses dressed in white coats to float to the water’s surface.

Bai Weiwei was sitting beside the pool with a spreadsheet in her hand.

Finally a man’s screams came from the pool.

The red blood that poured out was diluted by the pool once more.

A numbing hell on earth.

Bai Weiwei’s complexion was a little pale, “What about memory, Slagstem?”

This scene had a bit of a heavy taste…… Another dead body surfaced.

No, it was a very heavy taste.

Please, host, receive the memories.

Bai Weiwei’s mind was infused with a heap of information.

Then she finally understood why this mission’s target’s name seemed so foreign.

It wasn’t really a name.

It was a code name.

The designation of an experiment.

This time, Bai Weiwei’s original owner was a top-class, awesome student.

The kind of person who at three years old had a perfect memory that would never forget anything after just a glance glance. Who at seven years old was already a Junior in high school. And at eleven years old was already attending one of the most prestigious universities.

At fifteen years old, she was a research fanatic who studied the exceptionally profound and mysterious things in the world.

Currently she was twenty.

Already a world class, front-line expert in the field of genetic modification.

This top-class, awesome student that she transmigrated into, even seeing her body’s information, she had to think long and hard to try and understand this pile of research terms. In the end what did these things mean?

Although Bai Weiwei was also a top student, her major was in business.

She didn’t have the intellectual talents to do anything in the scientific field.

It required a genius, and Bai Weiwei didn’t consider herself that smart.

Of course, in the case of flirting with men, she was indeed a genius.

Anyway, the original owner worked in top labs on a confidential project.

This project was about merfolks.

This plane had merfolks, they were numerous and also very vicious.

They ate shark meat and gnawed on whale bones.

Their IQ was high and the undersea cities that they built up were almost the same level as humans’ cities.

Although they weren’t as great as humans were in moving to send a rocket to the sky, the merfolks had various racial talents that humanity couldn’t match.

Merfolks regarded the ocean as their territory, and didn’t allow humans to mess around with it.

Sewage or garbage, none of it was allowed to be poured into the sea.

Humans had fought several maritime battles with the merfolks and always lost.

In the sea, human nuclear submarines and battleships didn’t work well against merfolks, as there were too many underwater creatures to settle.

The ocean was too vast.

Man couldn’t blow up the entire ocean.

So in the long run, merfolks and humans developed a vendetta, a national level feud.

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: Mermaid Arc, or rather Merfolk Arc as was decided in the discord poll. I still think merwight sounded the best, but well the people have spoken, and running a little poll was fun.

Piper: Personally, I think that Merwight is pronounced like “more weight” (which it could be, or could not be, idk the term in unfamiliar to me), and after just reading the Crucible again for class, “more weight” does not bring pleasant thoughts. Also as of 3/8/2021, I’ve done some editing. Honestly I though BWW was going to be a mermaid this round :'(


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  1. Merwight is middle english for sea(mer[same pronunciation as “mermaid”]) people (wight[pronounced “wit” as in “witty”])
    If I’d have gone the full middle english terminology route mermen would have been Merwer, as wer means man (pronunciation of werewolf).
    No “more” or “weight” about it (٥•_•)

    1. XD Thanks for the clarification! I do think that more people are familiar with the term Merfolk though, so no regrets about my vote on the matter, but it is kind of interesting to learn about different terms every once and a while.

    2. Learned something really interesting😶 Thank you for sharing. Merwight spells so intricate and sounds so classy to me🍷Idk, a super A-class noble mermaid?😂

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