MGCH Chapter 835

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (5)

Then she got a small cart out from the lab.

When she placed him on the cart, he weakly opened his eyes. His golden lashes were trembling slightly, eyes brimming with uncomprehending emotions.

Why save him?

Bai Weiwei’s mind had completely received the memories.

She knew that the lab’s security equipment was turned off.

The merfolks song compelled the researchers to isolate themselves.

So nobody was aware of what happened in the lab.

Bai Weiwei wasn’t on duty today, so her name wasn’t on the record.

But the rest of today’s researchers were dead.

So Bai Weiwei decided to send him somewhere else, at least not in the lab.

Because merfolk that kill people are considered a failed experiment.

They wouldn’t be allowed to survive.

Additionally, humans hated merfolks, so if he stayed here, Wake would undoubtedly die.

The king merfolk’s abilities to call the wind and rain in the sea were useless.

Here, he could only be slaughtered.

So just send him out now, and others would think that the merfolk ran away after killing everyone.

They wouldn’t think of her.

The plan seemed feasible as it went through Bai Weiwei’s mind, and she immediately rushed out of the lab.

Then she laboriously dragged him into her car.

The blood soaked through the clothes and began to drip on the car seat.

Bai Weiwei’s face immediately changed and she pulled out a medical box from the side.

There were hemostatic shots in the medicine box.

Bai Weiwei held his tail, and looked up full of worry, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll stop the bleeding for you. Don’t move, Wake.”

Wake didn’t attack Bai Weiwei because of how weak he felt.

He looked at her in doubt, as if it was being unable to understand why she had saved him.

In Wake’s mind, in his ancestral memory, it was all scenes of humans’ cruel and crazy massacre of them.

It hadn’t been long since he was born, and his inherited memories weren’t complete yet.

But, he knew, he knew everything.

For example, if he failed this escape, he would be disposed of.

Just like the countless previous failures, directly executed.

Bai Weiwei put the needle into his tail and injected the medicine.

Then she reached out to untie his clothes, exposing the wounded flesh, the blood began to coagulate because of the medicine.

Bai Weiwei watched, and suddenly tears from distress fell to the floor.

“Wake, how could you be so stupid? How could you suddenly attack people? You’ll die.”

Wake couldn’t speak human, but he could understand her.

When he heard this sentence, a touch of angre appeared in his ice blue eyes.

His fingers bent up into an assault posture.

Did she want to kill him?

Wake’s only memory of Bai Weiwei was from when he first opened his eyes, she was standing outside his incubator and observing him with a researcher’s cold gaze.

He didn’t like that sort of look.

Although he currently had an incomplete memory, his dignity as a king didn’t allow others to ogle him with such impertinent eyes.

However, Bai Weiwei took out the bandages and tried to wrap him through her sobs.

“I won’t let you die, I want to save you.”

Drop by drop, warm tears fell on his tail which made his tail cold. There was a numb tingling sensation.

Bai Weiwei raised her eyes, overflowing with sad tears.

She looked at Wake in a warm and emotional way.

“I’ve watched you for three years. You were raised by me, you’re my most important person.”

The most important person……

Wake didn’t understand her. He stared blankly at her, then his lashes fluttered and he slowly covered his ice blue eyes.

Hemostatics, as well as anesthetics, all worked.

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: Wake’s been alive for a month and hasn’t finished absorbing his ancestral memory. Meanwhile, Bai Weiwei finished processing her predecessor’s memories in the time it took to give him a knee job. Get on Bai Weiwei’s level, Wake!

Piper: This is the accidental bonus chapter from my mistake yesterday, now it’s got it’s own proper page, and has been properly proofread XD The next chapter should be out in ~30 minutes, I know it was like 2 hours late today, but I wanted to proofread all the chapter from the start of this arc, and that took longer than I expected :/


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