MGCH Chapter 836

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (6)

Bai Weiwei wiped her cold sweat, she felt like she had just escaped from death.

In the end, how was she supposed to capture this merfolks feelings?

She had no experience at all. She had to take the merfolk away first, otherwise when so many dead researchers were discovered in the laboratory.

The target was bound to be humanely destroyed.

At that time, she wouldn’t be able to save him.

After returning home.

The researchers in this plane were treated well.

So her apartment was particularly large.

Because the original owner loved to research, there was even a laboratory.

And the neighborhood was so remote that other people were rarely seen.

The nearest neighbor was at least five kilometers away.

This location was deliberately chosen, for fear that she would affect others while doing experiments.

Bai Weiwei struggled to push the merfolk back to her apartment.

Then went straight to the bathroom.

Shortly after a merfolk leaves the water, it begins to dehydrate and peel.

Why does it feel uncomfortable? How did it arrive?

The bathroom had a large bathtub.

She filled it with water and shoved the merfolk in.

Wake’s blond hair fluttered beneath the transparent water as soon as he was submerged.

Delicate dreamy face, wreathed in that hair.

Impeccably beautiful.

Bai Weiwei saw that the wound had begun to heal, a merfolk’s regenerative ability was very strong.

As long as it was not in a vital location, even a deep wound on the tail could heal to the extent that no scars could be seen after a week.

Bai Weiwei immediately turned over every box and cabinet in her home to find a set of alloy handcuffs.

She rushed to the bathroom, pulled up the merfolk’s wrists, and handcuffed him to the pipe next to him.

Wake sank softly into the water, with only his shackled hand outside the bathtub.

The duration of the anesthetic was only a few hours.

Bai Weiwei decided to use these hours to properly supplement her knowledge of merfolks.

Although she had the memory, Bai Weiwei felt that she still needed to find out more information.

Merfolks were not humans.

It was a species that wasn’t clearly understood.

She didn’t know how to attack.

Bai Weiwei said to the system: “You system’s taste is too heavy, even bestiality is acceptable?”

System: “Bestiality……”

Bai Weiwei: “Aren’t merfolks beasts? Sea beasts, ah. It can’t be, that since others resemble people, it wasn’t noticed?”

System: “It seems to be so.”

How did she see merfolk and think of bestiality? Shouldn’t the first thing that came to mind be a fairy tale love story?

Wake constantly recovered his ancestors’ memories from the depths of his mind as he slept.

The vast and beautiful ocean.

Unlimited, endless blue.

Vivid, colorful coral caves.

He was the king of the sea. He could call upon the wind and rain and could sway people’s hearts.

Could kill the most frightening sea beast with his bare hands.

He was the king, the supreme leader of his race.

All merfolks must submit to him.

Wake slowly opened his eyes. In the center of his ice blue irises, a touch of faint gold appeared.

He saw himself lying in the bathtub, his wounds much better.

Wake was a merfolk and his memory was exceptionally good. After seeing something once, it could be remembered and learned.

He knew a lot about humans, the things they use and the language they spoke.

These were all learned while he was in the incubator when he silently listened to the human voices outside.

His hearing was good so he could even distinguish sounds from far away.

That woman, what was she doing now?

Wake listened quietly.

He found that she seemed to have just entered the door. Didn’t know what she was doing, but the air seemed to have a slightly fishy smell.

Wake’s eyes flashed with a sense of wicked cruelty.

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