MGCH Chapter 837

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (7)

He slowly emerged from the water. His face’s five features were cold, without any expression.

He saw his hand shackled to the pipe.

Because he had been out of the incubator for less than a month, he hadn’t yet been brainwashed.

And it was too late to do a strength test, nor were there any intelligence tests conducted.

So these people didn’t know that he had power beyond that of humans.

He could break the handcuffs with a single pinch.

He even knew what this disgusting group of humans had created him for.

The woman outside had the same intention.

To exterminate the merfolks.

Wake’s eyelids were half drooped, his beautiful long and light lashes glimmered with a light golden glow.

He was about to remove the cuffs when the door suddenly opened.

And the woman’s gentle voice sounded.


Wake’s action paused, his ice blue eyes became deep and dark.

He watched Bai Weiwei as she walked in pulling a cart.

On it was a variety of tasty fish.

The fish was clearly prepared, and the meat looked unusually delicious.

Raw fish, cut into pieces, sprinkled with special spices, and topped with some delicious flavored kelp.

Wake had a slight itch in his throat, as he swallowed his drool he found himself a little embarrassed.

It wasn’t that the lab didn’t have fish to eat.

But those fish weren’t fresh, or they just didn’t taste right.

It was the first time he had seen such delicious fish.

Bai Weiwei pushed the cart in front of him. Her hair was tied up, and there was some sweat on her forehead.

It appeared that it took a lot of effort to make the meal.

“Are you hungry? Eat a little.”

Instead of thinking he was dangerous, Bai Weiwei approached him and spoke with a smile.

The indifference in her eyes was gone.

There was none of the previous hateful research demeanor.

Wake’s blue eyes watched her coldly.

Then he picked up some food with one hand, slowly put it into his mouth, and chewed.

Bai Weiwei could almost see his eyes fill with happy little bubbles as he ate.

This was the favorite food of merfolks.

However, it was a freshwater fish.

So it’s not easy for merfolks to get a hold of it in the sea.

Generally, they wouldn’t specially go out of their way to catch fish in freshwater.

So they all ate sharks.

Even so, apparently, this fish was more suitable to the merfolk’s sense of taste.

Bai Weiwei took advantage of his good mood while he ate, opened the medicine box, and reached out to touch his tail.

Wake froze and glared back icily at Bai Weiwei.

That look was a little harsh.

The tail was the most important place for merfolks, they wouldn’t easily let others touch it.

Bai Weiwei fingers stiffened. She only turned her head, her clear and beautiful face didn’t have that kind of apathy from her previous research appearence.

Her voice softened, tender as a summer breeze.

“I know your tail is sensitive, but the wound needs to be treated, Wake.”

Wake, holding the fish in his hand, seemed to be debating whether to stab her to death with his claws or to eat first.

Bai Weiwei ignored his frightfully cold eyes.

Instead, she used her fingers to gingerly touch his wound.

Her force was as light as a feather.

Bai Weiwei showed an inquiring expression, “Hurts?”

Wake’s icy blue eyes glanced at her frigidly and continued to eat his fish, unmoved.

Bai Weiwei didn’t mind and applied the medication on him.

Then she said, “I handcuffed you for fear that you’d move.”

Wake licked his fingers and took another piece of fish to eat.

As if he couldn’t understand Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei suddenly asked, “Wake, do you want to return to the ocean?”


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