MGCH Chapter 839

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (9)

Her sober, clean face was stretched taut.

“I helped give you life, but I never thought about using you. Even today I was there to stop your indoctrination.”

Today, Bai Weiwei had no shifts on duty.

Although she was the greatest contributor to the study of merfolks, in order to seize military merit, some people on the upper levels.

Tried to prevent Bai Weiwei from coming.

Instead, they sent their own people to brainwash and receive the merfolk.

The original owner went, not to stop the brainwashing.

But, to observe the brainwashing process, and increase her data on the merfolks.

Wake slowly turned his head to stare intently at Bai Weiwei, there was a circle of golden light in his blue eyes.

Beautiful and cold.

Like clear beads, there was no trace of human emotion.

Bai Weiwei did not continue to forcibly stir up emotion to wash herself clean. She would leave the room when it was appropriate, to let the merfolk think about it.

Her voice was calm as her words came to an end.

“So I hope that one day humans will be able to put down the butcher’s knife and get along with merfolks.”

It was almost impossible, but she spoke about it very convincingly, calmly and serenely.

Bai Weiwei met his ice blue eyes, with a gentle smile.

“So Wake, I won’t let you be indoctrinated, and I won’t let you die because you’re the miracle I created.”

She held out her somewhat pale and slender hand, her eyes carrying a few threads of entreaties, “Can I touch you?”

Wake didn’t move, she couldn’t tell whether he agreed or not.

So Bai Weiwei ventured to touch. Her fingers gently touched his masterfully crafted face.

The skin was cool, his facial lines were defined and excessively refined.

Even humanity’s best-looking man would lose to him by a few points.

This was a racial gift, after all, merfolks had always endorsed beauty.

Bai Weiwei’s fingers seemed to have a magical power, they felt especially comfortable.

It made Wake narrow his eyes, unable to bear it.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -25.

Bai Weiwei’s fingertips came to his jaw and casually scratched it. His eyes flashed a few strands of doubt.

He’s not a cat.

So he didn’t feel anything when scratched.

Bai Weiwei felt it would be better for her to flirt with a cat than a fish.

After all, at least she knew what cats liked.

Merfolks, in her world, were something of myths and legends.

Bai Weiwei’s calm eyes were infected with a few hints of hazy longings.

She had a slightly ascetic appearance, but at this moment she had the innocence of a little girl.

“Wake, you’re my dream, ah.”

Wake did not move, nor did he stop her, and as the golden glow faded away from his blue eyes.

His murderous spirit also dissipated a lot.

He couldn’t understand what she meant, but he could hear the loving tenderness of her voice.

Wake recalled in those ancient memories.

There was only one kind of human in this world that wouldn’t be attracted by a merfolk’s song of desire.

And that was a person with a pure heart.

A peaceful heart with no dark cravings, a human-like colored glass.

Would be indifferent to the merfolk’s killing song.

Learning from her movements, he held out his fingers and placed them on her face.

Cool fingers pressed against her warm skin.

She was so soft and fragile.

With just a little effort, he could break through her skull to crush her brain and kill her.

Bai Weiwei suddenly burst out laughing, “Are you imitating me? Wake, you’re only three years old, many things haven’t been learned. I’ll teach you, sound good?”

The merfolk was so stunned that he almost tried to kill her.

To see whether or not she would be afraid.

But, she smiled foolishly, like when silly parents see their young. The happy appearance after seeing a little bit of stupid stuff.


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