MGCH Chapter 841

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (11)

Bai Weiwei’s temper softened. She took half a fish from beside her and stuffed it into his mouth.

The Merfolk’s teeth were especially sharp.

If he wasn’t careful, he could bite through the bones in her hand.

Wake paused, a piece of sashimi fell out of his lips.

He hesitated for a moment before releasing Bai Weiwei’s wrist. He picked up the sashimi, and slowly continued to eat.

The etiquette of the merfolk aristocracy dictated that when eating it is necessary to concentrate, to make no sound, and to eat slowly.

It was simple, elegant, and noble.

Lower-class merfolks didn’t have to, it was just catching a shark and eating anyways.

In a moment, they were able to devour a shark until it became nothing more than a skeleton.

But, in Wake’s mind were the memories of the nobility, the memories of kings.

So his every move carried the elegant manner of an orthodox king.

Bai Weiwei took the opportunity to back away, and leave.

She asked, “Is this a merfolk or a teddy bear, anyone he can catch will do?”

System: “Shark1 and human natures are promiscuous, so the male lead can go into heat all year round, like human beings.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei decided to take the warm route, she really couldn’t use a seductive touch to face a fish that wanted to be in heat all the time.

No, she fortified herself psychologically for a long time.

Still couldn’t convince herself. With a fish, what?

Too destructive to her three views.

She originally thought to herself that it was better to not have the three views. She didn’t expect that after encountering a fish, she would find out that her own three views on morality could be picked up again.

Bai Weiwei bought a bunch of the fish that he liked to eat.

She coaxed him happy. As if facing a mentally unsteady child, she took out a picture book and a small blackboard where she wrote a o e2.

“Come on, Wake, let’s learn to speak human.”

Against a fish, a fish with poor communication skills, Bai Weiwei self disclosed that different species could fall in love, but how could they talk of love when there was a language barrier?

Therefore, learn, he must learn.

Wake soaked in the bathtub, flicked his tail, and all the letters on the blackboard were erased.

Then his beautiful eyes narrowed, and he glanced at her sidelong in ridicule.

Bai Weiwei endured.

After all, it was a fish, she couldn’t be unable to get through to a fish.

Bai Weiwei took out the picture book, “Come, Wake, read with me. I’m going to the bathroom. I’m going to eat. I’m going to dance……”


Wake stretched out his beautiful claws, and with horrifying speed, tore the picture book to pieces.

Bai Weiwei thought to herself, it’s a fish, it’s IQ isn’t high, I can persevere.

Wake reached out and threw a piece of soap at her head.

Bai Weiwei: “……”

He lazily stretched out his slender finger and hooked it at Bai Weiwei.

Then he pointed to his body and motioned for Bai Weiwei to bathe him.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t stand it anymore.

She told the system: “Is there a merfolk cooking recipe, I want to braise him.”

System: “Yes, first take out a blunt instrument, and club the merfolk’s head with the strength of a hundred adult men, because a merfolk’s head is a hundred times harder than a human’s. After he’s knocked out, use a knife that can cut diamonds to chop through his bones, and divide him into several pieces; steamed merfolk head, braised merfolk, merfolk bone soup ……”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

System: “It looks delicious.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

After listening to the system’s unappetizing menu, Bai Weiwei accepted her fate. She rolled up her sleeves, picked up the soap, and wiped the merfolk’s body for him.

She took out the bath proof and bubbled it.

Wake stayed quietly in the bathtub with his head resting on the edge, idly watching Bai Weiwei.

1: 鲛, shark. Yeah, I thought he was mackerel too…

2: These letters were in english. Also, I think we are just going to call this world’s language “speaking human” since raws didn’t say Chinese or English specifically.


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