MGCH Chapter 842

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Estee & Piper

Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (12)

Bai Weiwei had no expression, her eyes were focused and pure.

She bent over and reached for his back, the hard muscles were not as elastic and soft as a human’s.

Yet, they looked more impactful.

Wake’s pupils contracted, but he didn’t move.

Bai Weiwei didn’t seem to notice his restlessness. She bubbled up the bath poof, and groomed his body and fishtail.

The scales on his tail were very fine but hard, they gave off a golden blue sheen.

Bai Weiwei carefully washed his tail, deliberately avoiding that area under his abdomen.

Wake said something in the merfolk language.

System translation: “How come you didn’t wash my ******1.”

Bai Weiwei: Wash your head’s ******! Cut it off and it won’t need washing.

Her face was calm, and she pretended not to understand him.

Wake’s ice blue eyes took a sharp glance at her. He found that she really didn’t understand and just gave up.

After the bath, she drained the water and refilled the tub again.

Bai Weiwei was tired and her back hurt. She said: “Wake, recently people are looking for you outside. You must not go out or you’ll be killed.”

Wake was apathetic, his golden hair fell on the water.

Like an emperor, always adorned with a share of their people’s pride resulting in his own arrogance.

Bai Weiwei carried on to say, “I put the food in the freezer, there’s no lock, so you can open it and get some. You can fill the bathtub with water yourself, right? If there’s a problem, you can press this button, this is my cell phone’s contact information.”

Bai Weiwei took out a waterproof cell phone.

This plane’s technology was more developed, due to the perennial struggle with the merfolks.

So there were a lot of waterproof supplies.

Wake looked at her indifferently, he was terribly cold.

His fingers slid lightly through the water, this was an instinctive aggressive action.

Was she going to…… leave him?

Bai Weiwei, without noticing his killing intent, slowly bent over, with an incomparably gentle attitude.

“Wake, I’m going to the laboratory. My vacation is over, and if I don’t go, they’ll suspect me.”

Wake’s fingers were tight, and there was no expression on his face.

It seemed that if Bai Weiwei said the wrong thing, he would sever her neck.

Wake didn’t say a word, he half-closed his incredibly pure colored eyes.

No emotions, no fluctuations.

Only when they were full of murderous intent, did they appear particularly clear.

He suddenly reached out his hand, as if to signal Bai Weiwei to approach.

Want a hug?

Bai Weiwei’s heart relaxed, this silly fish. After working so hard to give him food, drinks, and baths, there was finally a trace of him softening.

She jumped for joy, reached out her arms, and held his sturdy, strong upper body.

Wake showed a cold smile, his white teeth were a little frightening.

His voice rang in her ear with a sigh.

Bai Weiwei hugged him, his cool skin felt quite comfortable.

She incidentally asked the system, “What did he say, is he going to increase his favorability?”

System standard translation: “You wanting to leave, will violate our contract. And a breach of contract will lead to death.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

Wake’s hands were already placed on Bai Weiwei’s back.

Those frightful, ice-cold fingers.

That were no different than sharp blades.

Bai Weiwei felt the shadow of death, hovering over her head.

Ten thousand turkeys ran through Bai Weiwei’s heart2, inside which was like a raging chaotic wasteland of mounted soldiers.

Her mind flipped through ten thousand thoughts in an instant, yet none of them could stop the merfolk from killing her.

1: 哔哔哔, (bìbìbì) -> beep beep beep: censorship noise.

2: 火鸡, Turkey. Yep, turkey, not mud grass horse. Near as I can tell turkey isn’t a homophone for anything either…


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  1. Srsly, this baby fish needs a hard spank on his fish bum, his dirty mind also needs a major cleanup but on the other hand, we all know he’s as innocent as a newborn and it’s his instinct that’s working💀💀a very bad and must be censored instinct

    1. Yes a spanking with the power of a hundred men, and some mind bleach with the power of a hundred clorox!

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