MGCH Chapter 847

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (17)

Bai Weiwei pulled him to help him stand up.

Then she left to get a scarf to wrap around his lower body.

She didn’t check carefully just now because his long hair obscured it.

So she didn’t notice his important part exposed.

Bai Weiwei was very calm, en, quite large, hehe.

Merfolks had no sense of shame, so he didn’t know that if he walked around without clothes he would be treated as a pervert.

Bai Weiwei also acted as if she didn’t see.

So one person and one fish learned to walk right there in the apartment.

Bai Weiwei held his hand patiently, “The body doesn’t need to use so much force, you have legs, and walking is a natural thing. You should straighten your knees. Heel on the ground, and then gradually transfer your strength to the toe …… Yes, very good.”

Bai Weiwei was like a gentle and professional teacher.

She instructed him how to walk in detail.

Wake looked down and saw her eyelashes hanging low. Her expression was restrained but held a faint, warm smile on the corners of her mouth.

She seemed delighted to be able to teach him how to walk.

Her voice is not as ethereal or seductive as a merfolk’s.

Even so, it was much warmer than a merfolk’s.

His fingers lightly scratched her palm.

Bai Weiwei did not think much of it, she thought he was standing unsteadily. She held his hand with some force.

“It’s all right, you won’t fall, I’ll support you.”

Ever since Wake was born from the incubator, he barely had any communication with other living creatures.

With the exception of dreaming, where he could obtain the memories gained by his ancestors.

He had nothing.

All he had ever seen were humans, and they also kept their distance from him.

Since he wasn’t brainwashed, nor had he been thoroughly examined.

They didn’t know if he was mutated, or if he had any infectious diseases.

The humans were vigilant and didn’t give him any chance to access the outside world.

Therefore, the first time he came into contact with other creatures was when he killed people that day.

The cold bloody smell was malodorous.

Flesh didn’t suit a merfolks appetite at a glance.

There were too many bones, not as good as sharks.

He didn’t like it.

But, Bai Weiwei was the first human he met with a living body temperature.

She was the one who created him.

When he was in the incubator, everyone said so.

Yet, every time she came to the incubator and looked at him, her eyes were always indifferent.

As though he was just something to be studied.

Cold and ruthless.

When did her eyes change?

It seemed that the day he killed was the day the cold apathy in her eyes disappeared.

There was panic, but it wasn’t because he was going to kill her.

Rather, because if he became a failed merfolk, he would be executed.

He stared at her and saw her focusing on his feet without looking up.

Her hair was meticulously tied behind her head, and she looked ascetic and conservative in a high-necked dress.

“Yes, go ahead, go straight, and pay attention to your posture as you step.”

Without the slightest impatience, like she was leading her own child.

Wake’s gaze softened, he suddenly withdrew his hand and pinched her chin.

She looked up with a hint of confusion in her eyes.

Wake said quietly: “Just…… Like this……”

Don’t change your appearance, don’t become the cold Bai Weiwei from before.

He didn’t like it.

Bai Weiwei: Just like what, ah?

After saying this inexplicable remark, Wake released his grip and concentrated on his walking.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at -5.

Wake learned things quickly, and it only took an hour to walk as well as a human.

Seeing that he could walk, Bai Weiwei was happier than he was.


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