MSTP Chapter 62

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“There is no one who can help me. But I have eyes, and I have a brain. I can think for myself.”

As Rong Ting was practicing his calligraphy, there was suddenly a knock on the door. Song Yuan was still putting away the clothes in the luggage bags, so Rong Ting placed down his brush and scampered over to the door. For safety reasons, Song Yuan had installed a monitor in the hallway and above the door. Rong Ting stood on a small stool and pressed the monitor switch. Several seconds later, Rong Heng appeared on the display.

Rong Ting clenched his fist, neither speaking nor pressing the key to open the door. He hopped off the stool and headed to the bathroom. As he passed by his room, he paused. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Empress Mother, someone is at the door. I am going to the restroom!”

Song Yuan watched as he shot off like a cannonball into the bathroom, shutting the door heavily. For a moment, she was baffled by his behavior. She didn’t rush to open the door and instead headed over to the bathroom door. Tentatively knocking on the frosted glass door, she asked, “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“No! Empress Mother, one must not speak while in the restroom.”


Did this kid eat some dynamite today? Exploding on everyone he sees.

Song Yuan didn’t pay him any mind. She crossed through the living room into the hallway and saw through the peephole that the person in front of the door was Rong Heng. She opened the door, asking him with a doubtful expression, “Why are you here? You didn’t call ahead of time ah.”

In the past, every time Rong Heng came over, he would give her a call, which could be considered giving notice or asking for her opinion. This was the first time he’d come without giving a call.

Rong Heng smiled apologetically. “I forgot. I just happened to be passing by to give Rong Ting a cake.”

Song Yuan turned to the side to let him in.

“I bought two cakes. I heard other people say it tastes pretty good.” Rong Heng walked in and looked around. Seeing that Rong Ting wasn’t in the living room, he turned to ask her, “Where’s Rong Ting?”

“He’s in the bathroom.” Song Yuan walked into the dining room and poured him a cup of hot tea. “Good timing. Gugu was originally supposed to be spending the night outside with my dad, but he suddenly felt unwell and had to come back home. It’s been less than half an hour since he got home.”

“Unwell? Is he sick?”

“I took his temperature and there wasn’t any fever. It was just that his mood was pretty low, and he blamed me for letting my dad take him to the hot spring resort. I guess he couldn’t get used to the hot spring because it was his first time. Maybe he felt a little dizzy ba. We’ll see how he is tomorrow. If he still feels uncomfortable tomorrow, I’ll take him to the hospital for a look.”

Rong Heng accepted the cup she handed over. Originally, he had been absent-mindedly listening, but at this moment, his expression froze. He lowered his head and asked her a feigned casual manner, “Resort? Where’s the resort?”

He paused, then added, “I can ask my assistant to ask whether the hot spring water in the resort isn’t clean.”

“It shouldn’t be unclean ba,” Song Yuan recalled. “My dad said that the resort is very good. I think it’s in the suburbs ba? I didn’t ask for the specific name, but when Rong Ting comes out you can ask him?”

“No, he must be feeling unwell. And even if I ask he might not know.”

En. That child’s still in the bathroom. I’ll go ask him what happened. As soon as he came back he was all cranky and irritable1. I don’t know just who offended him.” Song Yuan was also puzzled. Could it be that when he was in the hot springs, someone laughed at him?

Rong Heng stopped her in time and said warmly, “He’ll come out on his own when he’s ready to. I have to go, the driver’s still waiting downstairs. I’m sorry about today; next time when I come over, I’ll give you a call in advance.Oh, and that cake tastes pretty good. You should try it too.”

“Okay, thank you ah.”

Seeing that Rong Heng wasn’t planning to stay for long, Song Yuan was also relieved.

After all, it wasn’t that early. Before, every time he came over at night, her father was also there. Now, it was just her and Rong Ting in the house, and asking him to stay the night waiting for Rong Ting to come out would be awkward ah.

Rong Heng stepped out the door, reminding her again, “If Rong Ting feels unwell anywhere, make sure to take him to the hospital. Also, give me a call.”

En, I will.”

Once Rong Heng left, Song Yuan returned to the living room. She saw Rong Ting coming out from the bathroom with a wilted expression, just like a frost-bitten eggplant[2].

Song Yuan lifted the flap of the box and saw there were two slices of shortcake. She called over Rong Ting with a joyful expression on her face. “Your Emperor Father gave you cake. I’ve eaten this cake before, and it’s delicious. When I was little, my dad often bought me this shortcake. The red jam and cream taste really good.”

Rong Ting didn’t even give a glance at the cake on the coffee table. Recalling what he saw today, he said coldly, “Gu won’t eat.”

He only used “gu” when he was angry or at odds with someone.

Song Yuan was aware that she wasn’t the type of parent who indulged children. She hadn’t even offended him today, yet as soon as he came back he put on such a displeased expression!

“If you’re not eating then don’t eat. What are you holding a temper for?” Song Yuan ignored him as she ate the cake with a fork. She was very unhappy in her heart.

Rong Ting also didn’t know what was wrong. Clearly he had written “tranquility” and “contemplate” several times, but he still was unable to calm down. But he also knew that he shouldn’t show his negative emotions in front of Empress Mother. If he was a man, it would have been enough to directly ask Emperor Father when he had come just earlier! What kind of son was he, being unable to criticize his Emperor Father, yet asking Empress Mother to bear his temper?

“I’m sorry, Empress Mother. I shouldn’t have lost my temper on you.” Rong Ting hesitated for a long while before taking the initiative to apologize.

“What happened today? If you’re feeling uncomfortable anywhere you should tell me. The way you’re acting right now really worries me.” Song Yuan placed down her fork, pulled him over to sit on the sofa, and asked him very seriously, “Did someone upset you when you were at the resort? If you don’t tell me anything, I can only guess randomly. If there’s something upsetting you, you can tell me ah. We already said that when there’s a secret, we can tell each other, right?”

Rong Ting lifted his head to look at Song Yuan. His lips were pressed in a straight line, giving him an aggrieved look. “There is one thing I want to tell you. I cannot conceal it from you.”

“What thing?”

“Today I saw Emperor Father at the resort. Emperor Father was eating together with a young woman, and they were happily conversing.” When Rong Ting finished speaking, his chest heaved. It was clearly he was still distressed and angry.

Song Yuan was stunned. By the time she reacted, she felt amused by him. But seeing the child’s angry expression, she hurriedly pulled down her smile and told him very seriously, “That is his freedom ah. Right now, he is Xie Heng. He is legally single and has the right to develop a relationship with other people. Besides, he’s forgotten everything right now. Maybe in his heart, he is just Xie Heng. Gugu, I think you should accept this fact. Otherwise, he and I will become very awkward.”

Rong Ting said nothing.

Song Yuan continued, “Actually, I was very worried in the beginning. I thought you were thinking of setting me up with him. But now you know you shouldn’t do it ba?”

Fortunately, ever since finding out about their father-son relationship, Rong Ting hadn’t done anything to make her feel awkward, nor had he made any embarrassing requests. Otherwise, she didn’t know what she would have done.

Rong Ting was silent for a moment before giving a deep sigh. But there was a maturity in his tone that belied his age. “On the matters between parents, how could I, as the son, make a hasty decision without thoroughly understanding the situation? There are still many things I have not yet figured out. Once I have cleared up my confusion, I will decide on what to do. That is the right thing.”

“Is there something you don’t understand?” Song Yuan was puzzled.

“Now that Emperor Father and Empress Mother have lost their memories, there is no one who can help me. But I have eyes, and I have a brain. I can think for myself.”

“What profound thoughts. Then you take your time thinking. There’s no rush. If you can’t figure it out, then forget about it. There are many things in this world that can’t be explained.”

Rong Ting stared at his Empress Mother. There were a few things he didn’t understand. For example, how Emperor Father and Empress Mother came to be acquainted. For example, why Empress Mother, who believed in one husband, one wife, would be willing to enter the palace to become empress. For example, why Empress Mother wanted to leave when she clearly loved him…

“Okay, enough about this. Your grandpa said that you haven’t eaten yet. Do you want fried rice or noodles?”

“Noodles,” Rong Ting said, “with spam inside. I do not want to eat eggs today.”

“Alright, wait for a bit.”

Song Yuan got up and headed to the kitchen. While she washed the vegetables and sliced the spam, she silently critiqued. Was she considered a half-decent mom now ba? For the sake of giving the child something to eat, the number of times she went into the kitchen to cook had risen sharply. So touching.

Rong Ting stood by the door of the kitchen, watching the figure of Empress Mother busying herself for him. He couldn’t help asking, “Empress Mother, aren’t you sad?”

Song Yuan was taken aback. She turned around, saying helplessly, “Mom is cutting spam right now. Let’s talk about it later.”

Rong Ting also didn’t know why he had asked this question.

What strange thing was he asking? Empress Mother, when you heard that Emperor Father was together with another woman, didn’t you feel sad?

Empress Mother, when you were in the harem, were you sad?

Madam Xie had now hired an assistant for Rong Heng. This assistant was steadfast, and his personal abilities were also quite impressive. It was just that he wasn’t as easily used as the driver Sun Qiming. Sun Qiming was originally just a driver, but now there were subtle signs of developing him into an assistant. He knew that being a driver for the boss was completely different from being his assistant. He very much cherished this opportunity, so he did his best to do anything Rong Heng handed to him. Even if it was beyond the scope of his ability, he would find a way. After all, he had been the boss’s driver for several years, and there was no small number of people who were willing to give him face.

Rong Heng sat at his desk, in the middle of reading and studying.

With his current abilities, he was indeed unsuitable to go over to the Xie’s. He still had a lot to learn.

“Go ask on my behalf whether there was anyone named Song Haiping who checked into the resort today.”

“Yes,” Sun Qiming responded respectfully.

[1] 鼻子不是鼻子,眼睛不是眼睛: nose is not a nose, eyes are not eyes

[2] 霜打了的茄子: something like this?

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