MGCH Chapter 853

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Piper

Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (23)

He parted from her neck and licked up the blood stains around his mouth giving his normally delicately defined face a few strands of demonic aura.

Bai Weiwei covered her neck and laid against him.

A fragility that he can easily control.

Wake’s lips raised in satisfaction, then he left her and crawled into the bathroom.

Once his fishtail was exposed, he couldn’t stay out of the water for too long.

After entering the bathtub, Wake immersed himself in the water.

He opened his eyes and looked at what was above the water.

Bai Weiwei went into the bathroom, and laid along the edge of the tub. Through the water, her neat and delicate face had a clear beauty.

She also had an embarrassed disarmament to her eyes, her tone was anxious.

“Wake, you have a good rest. I already arranged a car and I’ll take you out tomorrow.”

Wake stared at her, only reacting after he realized: she was going to take him back into the ocean.

What would she do after he went back to the ocean?

Humans were the merfolks’ most hated species.

Wake was no exception. The ancestral memories were packed with cruel images of the humans’ slaughter of merfolks.

Merfolks resists, and humans attack.

Or merfolks attack, and humans resist.

There was a “no rest until the other side was dead” type of hatred.

Wake didn’t really believe that she would take him away at first, because he was a merfolk.

Just as he hated her, shouldn’t she hate him as well?

Bai Weiwei said softly: “Once you return to the sea, no one will be able to hurt you, and I won’t have to worry anymore.”

Wake didn’t say a word. He laid quietly, his long, golden hair floating in the water with a glossy luster.

His expression was quiet, his eyelids were half closed, and a faint touch of icy blue sank into his eyes.

Bai Weiwei gazed at him, the calm in her eyes gradually becoming gentle.

Tender and affectionate.

Wake felt that this expression looked familiar. In his memory, the past from those ancestors.

Some people also used these kinds of eyes to look at others.

It was a lover’s gaze.

Wake’s heart pounded much faster in his chest.

When being gazed at like this, his pulse went out of control?

Wake was silently bewildered.

Humans could truly be fond of merfolks?

As Bai Weiwei spoke, her eyes slowly closed. Leaning against the edge of the bathtub, head resting on the side, she fell asleep.

Her breathing was light and smooth.

Not long later, there was the sound of water splashing in the tub.

Wake got out of the water and approached her. He bared his teeth, as if to threaten her.

She had fallen asleep unconsciously.

Wake outstretched his sharp nails, but stopped when he reached her face.

She still didn’t respond.

Wake pulled back his hand causing his long wet hair to fall onto his chest.

He coldly hooked the corners of his mouth and said in merfolk, “Fragile human beings aren’t worthy to be taken with me into the sea.”

For such a vulnerable and unsuspecting human, entering the sea was death.

After sending him into the ocean tomorrow, she would have concluded their contract.

He could only kill her.

Because human beings, who were marked by merfolks, couldn’t live on land.

The humans wouldn’t let her go free.

Instead of being killed by them, it’s better to just let him, her master, do it.

Wake dove into the water again, quietly closing his eyes. But, after a while, he opened his eyes again.

It was hard to take, his chest was tight.

This discomfort was similar to irritability, yet more complex.

However, he didn’t understand, why was he so uncomfortable?

Wake flung his tail, and frowned in distress, why was he hurting?

Obviously, he was going back to the sea, right?

While somewhere he couldn’t hear, a crisp notification sounded.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 10.

Piper: Hey, as a High School Senior, its about that time for most of the college decisions to be out. Any fellow Seniors out there get any good news? I’ve got all but one school’s decision back (it should come out later today). And I think I’ve already figured out what school I’m going to attend right now… But it’s exciting and a bit scary…


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  2. “Fragile human beings aren’t worthy to be taken with me into the sea.”

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