MGCH Chapter 857

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (27)

He suddenly wanted to know what expression she would make if she knew that she was going to be killed by the merfolk she created.

Would she regret saving him?

Bai Weiwei froze, she stared at him intently, and the smile in the corner of her mouth disappeared.

She took back her sight again and looked towards the sea, “Killed, I know, after letting you go, I will be found and killed sooner or later.”

The criminal that released a merfolk would be spurned and executed.

This sentence was light, without a trace of fear.

She even smirked, “But, I’m not afraid to die, because I achieved my heart’s desire.”

“Heart’s desire?”

Wake’s face was still cold and beautiful under the sun.

His lashes drooped slightly, obscuring the icy surge in his blue eyes.

His fingers couldn’t help but bend, not with killing intent, rather unexpected irritability.

She knew she would die?

Bai Weiwei’s face is relieved, “Yes, ah. My heart’s desire was to create a merfolk, and then watch him return to the sea. I thought it would take many years to succeed, didn’t expect that it only took three years to succeed, so Wake you are really my god of luck.”

She usually kept her face blank, yet at the moment it was covered with smiles. Without glasses, her eyes were brimming with fragmented light.

Beautifully soft and delicate.

There was no fear of death in her eyes, “Even if I die, it was worth my life.”

Having said that, she handed him the bag in her hand.

“Wake, now, go home.”

Her attitude is so natural, with a faint smile on her face, and tenderness almost overflowing from her eyes.

Wake didn’t move, his ice blue eyes staring dead at her.

He seemed to be trying to find any sign of her lying.

But, there wasn’t.

The legend came to his mind again.

A person who wasn’t seduced by the song of a merfolk.

Had the purest heart and soul hidden in their body.

There were no lies, no wicked desires.

Wake halted his violent, impatient, and suspicious heart and began to calm down. However another feeling suddenly raged like the sea in a storm.

His half narrowed eyelids hid the dark light in his blue eyes.

Then he slowly closed in on her. She had a light and clean fragrance, the merfolk that was disgusted by humans actually felt that a human’s scent smelled good.

Wake appeared apathetic and showed no indication of the violent fluctuations in his heart.

He stretched out his finger and slowly lifted her chin.

Bai Weiwei looked at him quizzingly, her black eyes as clean as the waters tens of thousands of meters deep in the ocean.

There was no greed, hatred, or perverse viciousness when facing merfolks.

Wake listened to his ruthless doubt and began to collapse.

“I want…… kill……you.”

He was going back, so he had to kill his slave himself.

This was what many merfolks would do.

Dark, cold, sharp nails rested on her chin. With a single pick, he could pierce through her skin, jaw, and her skull.

In the opinion of the merfolk, a human without their weapons.

Was just a frighteningly fragile creature.

Bai Weiwei looked at him, seemingly unable to understand his words, the smile in her eyes also gradually disappeared.

She blinked as a mist appeared in her eyes.

She whispered, “En.”

After an en, she didn’t move, didn’t struggle, and didn’t try to escape.

Maintaining the same posture, she opened a pair of tearful eyes to look at him.

There were some sad grievances, but there was still no fear or hatred.

Wake thought that those memories couldn’t help him, because in his ancestral memory, there was no human like Bai Weiwei.


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