MGCH Chapter 859

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (29)

System: “Yes, you really know a lot about perversion.”

Bai Weiwei: “…… Roll.”

Wasn’t this secretly implying she was a pervert?

Large guns were raised, all facing their poor boat.

Dozens of those anti-merfolk harpoon guns were fired at the boat.

Wake’s whole body stood upright, propped up on his tail. A golden glow appeared in the middle of his blue eyes.

The waves surged as he issued a sharp and angry roar.

Then he violently rushed out, in an instant several merfolk hunting guns were sent flying.

A harpoon pierced a big hole into the ground at Bai Weiwei’s feet.

Bai Weiwei’s legs went soft, if she wasn’t careful she would become a burned fish.

Wake approached her, grabbed her hand and threw her aside.

Another blade gun just shot through the place where Bai Weiwei was standing.

Bai Weiwei was sitting on the floor with a bad pain in her hip.

She looked up and saw Wake just bowing his head.

His eyes were terrifyingly cold as he furiously glared at her.

He coldly spoke in merfolk language, arrogantly indifferent, and full of frightening deterrence.

Translation system: “Woman, you betrayed me.”

Bai Weiwei: No, I didn’t. Listen to me explain.

Unfortunately, the ship was blown up before an excuse could be stated.

A shell was shot directly into the boat, causing a small explosion.

This stupid fish, didn’t he see this group was trying to kill her together with him?

If his betrayal words were true, she would already be on that submarine.

The intense fire made Bai Weiwei feel a burning pain. She leaned palely against the railings and watched the boat catch fire.

The merfolk turned his back to the fire, his golden hair was flying in the wind, and those ice blue eyes were almost completely golden now.

He started singing a song, one full of seductive power.

The commander Chen Mo’s eyes became blank. He slowly walked off the submarine and fell into the deep blue sea.

Wake stared at him coldly.

Full of vicious malice.

All humans deserved death.

But the next moment, Chen Mo suddenly revealed a twisted and crazed smile.

The daze in his eyes disappeared as he drew his silver gun and fired fiercely at Wake.

The silver bullets were coated with a venom.

That could make merfolks lose most of their power.

Wake immediately felt a sharp pain in his body, he climbed up from the ground, and bared his sharp, snow white teeth. The flames on the ship would reach them soon.

He raised his head, and saw Bai Weiwei leaning against the railing.

She seemed pale, and her body was trembling.

What are you scared of, traitor.

Wake opened his mouth to speak the spell that would cause her own blood to pierce her body.

This was the power of the merfolk imprint.

Except, without waiting for him to recite it even halfway, Bai Weiwei had already struggled for her life to crawl over.

Her whole body was trembling, as she reached out to hug him. Her thighs were bleeding from being cut by the sharp barbs of his tail.

Yet, she wasn’t scared. She held him in a death grip, her breathing blew over his ear in disarray.

“Wake, I’ll stop them. You get in the water and run away.”

Wake froze, the spell in his mouth was interrupted and forgotten for a moment.

Her voice was so panicked, but not for herself. It was for him?

The venom from the bullets in his body began to soak into his internal organs.

Chen Mo saw them like this and coldly raised his lips. He continued to aim at them and fired again.

Wake saw it, and without thinking.

He pushed Bai Weiwei aside, and then he rolled away to avoid the bullet.


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  1. ‘The merfolk turned his back to the fire, his golden hair was flying in the wind, and those ice blue eyes were almost completely golden now’ —> is a gorgeous and majestic scene and i’m simping for this high quality mermaid shampoo commercial

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