MSTP Chapter 64

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Translator: Cheese

In the future, Ziheng will be your husband, and he will stand behind you and protect you.

Early the next morning, Song Haiping drove to pick up Song Yuan and Rong Ting from the high-speed rail station.

They had originally planned on taking the highway home, but after considering that Rong Ting was still young and that taking the high-speed rail would be more comfortable, they changed their minds last-minute.

Rong Heng had also come, holding a paper bag in his hand. He handed it to Rong Ting, saying warmly, “They’re all your favorite snacks, as well as some fruits, so you can eat in the car.”

Rong Ting was somewhat awkward, but he still accepted it. His tone not as earnest as before, he said flatly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

Song Yuan, guessing that Rong Heng had something he wanted to say to Rong Ting, pulled Song Haiping into the car first, giving this father-son pair some time to get along.

Rong Heng caught his son’s expression and felt helpless in his heart, but he still said, “Did you see me at the resort that day? You misunderstood me, things aren’t what you think. I’ve already explained it clearly to your Empress Mother.”

In Rong Ting’s heart, this was his father, as well as the monarch; he couldn’t throw a temper in front of Emperor Father. Even if Emperor Father didn’t remember anything, he knew that a monarch father was a ruler first, a father next.

He just lowered his head and straightened his body. His expression was cool as he said, “I understand, Empress Mother has already spoken with me. I also promised Empress Mother not to interfere in your matters.”

Rong Heng revealed a look of surprise, then quickly covered it up. “Mn, it’s best if you understand. While you’re there, you must listen to your Empress Mother’s words.”

En.” Rong Ting hesitated for a moment before asking, “Emperor Father, do you truly remember nothing?”

Rong Heng made a noise of affirmation. “Why?”

“Nothing. Emperor Father, I will be leaving first.” Rong Ting no longer saluted him. He raised his hand in a wave before scampering over to Song Haiping’s car, opening the door, and climbing in.

Rong Heng thoughtfully watched the car drive away.

Song Haiping sat in the driver’s seat, while Song Yuan sat in the back with Rong Ting. Song Haiping was still complaining as the car rolled out of the community. “That surnamed Xie’s still not leaving? Didn’t he say he was going abroad?”

Song Yuan was helpless. “People are still celebrating the new year ah! And it’s in two months, a blink of an eye.”

A few days had passed since New Years, and Ji Junpei had been working overtime until late every day. He took the initiative to offer to work overtime in an attempt to numb himself with work.

Reason told him not to be that kind of pest. Since Song Yuan didn’t like him anymore, anything he did would be futile and only give her more trouble. It was just that his emotions weren’t so resolute. After all, she was the girl he had liked for several years. How could he stop liking her just because she said so?

On this day, he had once again worked overtime until late at night. When he returned to his rented apartment, he turned on the computer out of habit to see if there were any new emails.

There were nearly ten unread emails in his inbox. He clicked on them one by one. Just as he was getting ready to pour a cup of water, he clicked on a strange email that only had one attachment. Originally, he wouldn’t click on attachments that resembled viruses, but the name of it attracted his attention. The file name was “Summary of Song Haiping and Chen Linjing.” Naturally, he knew Song Haiping was Song Yuan’s father, and Chen Linjing was Song Yuan’s mother. After a moment of curiosity, he held his breath and opened the attachment.

The attachment was indeed a brief summary of Song Haiping and Chen Linjing. The two were very well-known entrepreneurs in their hometown. The contents were nothing more than a list of the industries and properties under their names. Ji Junpei wasn’t particularly interested in reading it. Song Yuan’s parents were very rich, and it only served to prove that the distance between him and her was quite wide. Just as he was about to close the file, he inadvertently caught a glimpse of the name of one of the businesses under Song Haiping’s name. It seemed familiar… 

He racked his brain to remember why. Fortunately, he had a pretty good memory, and he swiftly recalled it.

He had wanted to make money while he was studying abroad. After all, he had only won a scholarship and still had to pay for his living expenses. His family situation wasn’t that great, and he had to take on some of the financial burden. On the other hand, he also wanted to earn money as quickly as possible so as to shorten the distance between him and Song Yuan. He thought up a project with an upperclassman of his who was also studying abroad. They wanted to find someone to invest in their project, but many people were not optimistic, and they were rejected everywhere they went. Just as they were about to give up, the manager of a company contacted them, saying they were willing to invest. It was a Chinese company, so at the time, he and his senior were grateful and felt that their fellow citizens had helped them.

Although the project wasn’t as successful as expected, it had still made his first bucket of gold. He had always regarded this company as his benefactor, and what did he see? One of the shareholders of the company was Song Haiping?

Then, what was going on the entire time?

Could it be that Song Yuan’s father couldn’t continue watching and chose to help him?

He suddenly recalled the time he had been signing the contract. With a meaningful smile, the manager told him he was very lucky…

What more couldn’t be understood? Ji Junpei smiled bitterly, then laughed out loud. His smile was sorrowful and anguished. He had thought that others had taken a fancy to his talent, and he had thought that he had grown closer to her. The result was that his first bucket of gold came from her father. Was it charity? Ji Junpei picked up the phone and dialed Song Yuan’s number. Almost instantly, he hung up. He stood up, staggered over to the bathroom, and washed his face with cold water. He looked at himself in the mirror, suddenly calming down. What was he thinking, denouncing her1?

In any case, he should feel thankful towards Song Yuan’s father. If not for him, he wouldn’t be where he was now. Perhaps Song Yuan’s father had had good intentions.

In an instant, Ji Junpei thought it through on many things. He even seemed to accept the matter of Song Yuan not liking him anymore.

He opened WeChat and solemnly sent a message to Song Yuan. [Yuanyuan, I apologize for causing so much trouble for you during this time. You’re right, people should look ahead. In the future, if you ever need my help, you don’t need to be polite. Finally, thank you.]

He deleted the email, as though he’d never read it. The shareholders of that company were still his benefactors. He would never forget that.

Song Yuan was too excited upon returning home. She couldn’t fall asleep until 11 or 12 o’clock, right when she got Ji Junpei’s WeChat. She read it several times, wanting to reply, but she didn’t know what would be an appropriate response. In the end, she didn’t give a reply. In fact, she was very happy that Ji Junpei was able to think things through and let go. After all, he truly was very good and shouldn’t continue to waste his time on her.

The bed at home was still comfortable! Although the house in B City was also hers, she always felt that this was her home. Gugu seemed to think the same; he was in a good mood all day. After they came back, he had gone to give the mother-to-be next door some special products from B City.

While she was scrolling through her phone, there was suddenly a knock on her door, followed by the sound of Rong Ting’s crisp voice. “Empress Mother, it’s already late. Do not use your phone anymore, and do not stay up late!”

Song Yuan: “… I got it!”

She didn’t expect that Rong Ting would get up to go to the bathroom tonight. Her mistake, her mistake.

She quickly turned off the light and placed her phone on the bedside table. She really couldn’t sleep, so she began to count sheep. She counted and counted, then fell asleep. This time, she started to dream again.

In the dream, a young man led her to a large residence. His voice was bright and clear as he introduced it to her. “I went to see all the residences in the city that were for sale, and I never came across the right one. It wasn’t easy to find this one. It’s very close to the General’s estate, only two streets away. You said you liked the pavilion in the center of the lake. There’s one here, but the lake is not as large as the one in the General’s estate. This residence also has a little garden; you’re sure to love it. Oh, there’s no bamboo forest here, but I took a look, and the previous owner planted fruit trees, which also has its own special flavor.”

She followed behind him down the long corridor. She asked him in a puzzled tone, “Gege, this residence is very nice, but what are you thinking of doing?”

The man she called gege turned around, looking at her with a smile. Though he’d wanted to pat her shoulder, he only lifted his hand in the air before placing it back down. “This is my gift to you. I heard you asking the chamberlain several days ago how much a residence outside costs, and I thought of this idea.” He took out some banknotes from his sleeves and handed them to her. “Although I don’t have much on hand, I can still scrape together a couple hundred taels. I’ve calculated it. Even if you and Ziheng don’t find a livelihood for a while, this is still enough for you two to live in peace of mind for several years.”

She was stunned and took a step back. “No, this isn’t right. This is gege’s money, how could I take it? And this house, too. It’s too expansive, I can’t accept it!”

“You are the young miss of my General’s estate, and your marriage should be glorious. Father and Mother are also preparing a dowry for you. If you do not accept it, would you not be treating us as outsiders?” The man looked at her with a vaguely unwilling expression. “You will marry Ziheng in the future. If there are any difficulties you must tell me. Do not bear it alone. The General’s estate is your maiden home and will always protect you, and I will always be your brother. In the future, Ziheng will be your husband, and he will stand behind you and protect you. And gege will stand behind you both to protect you. You can’t treat gege as an outsider.”

Her nose was slightly sour, and she choked as soon as she opened her mouth. Her eyes were red. “Gege…”

“Yuanyuan, you must be blessed, you must be happy.”


Song Yuan woke from her dream and sat upright. She unconsciously clutched the collar of her pajamas, feeling it uncomfortable and hard to breathe.

This time, it was different.

Every time she had a dream, she couldn’t see the person’s face clearly. Even after she found out that Rong Heng was the emperor, she could not see him clearly when she dreamed. This time, she could see the face of the person she called gege. Even now, she couldn’t forget. That face was firmly carved in her heart.

But what was the point?

Song Yuan hugged her pillow, feeling extremely lost.

The brother who was so good to her in her dreams, could he be the war god that Gugu spoke of?

The author has something to say:

a lot of people asked me when yuanyuan will regain her memories

according to my general outline and a few of the manuscripts (omitted), everyone will see her regain her memories the day after tomorrow

dont get stuck on the key points the day after tomorrow, dont worry = =

to tell the truth, when i think about how yuanyuan is about to recover her memories, i cant control my hand heeheehee~

[1] 兴师问罪: to criticize violently

Cheese: there are some chapters that are a breeze to translate, and then there are some that i get stuck on for days at a time. this chapter was, thankfully, fairly straightforward, even despite all the long af paragraphs (prayer hands emoji)

it might also help that ive stopped looking up so many gosh darn idioms, now that most of the ones used by this point were used in previous chapters or just easy to translate

(yah but actually, what’s the point of her being able to see her gege’s face?? unless she sees his reincarnation in modern times. but will he even remember her if hes a reincarnation? tbh i wanna see the gege come out so rong heng can come across yet ANOTHER obstacle in wooing his wife. because i subsist on his suffering)

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