MGCH Chapter 863

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Proofreader/editor: Piper

Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (33)

System: “It’s not on discount. Additionally, the amount of merfolk antidote necessary to heal him is relatively large, it’ll cost a hundred days of life value.”

Bai Weiwei: “I’d rather be eaten by him.”

A hundred days of life?

Compared to using her life so fast.

She would rather live well for a hundred days.

Wake was no longer content by only sniffing her. His thin lips attached to her soft, fresh skin and his teeth couldn’t help but want to bite.

Yet, his physical instincts told him that he needed to breed now.

He wanted healthy little merkids.

So he shouldn’t harm the mermaid, not to mention she was so petite and fragile, he felt as though she could be crushed with only a single finger.

Bai Weiwei tried to rouse his consciousness, “Wake? Wake up. Eat some little dried fish, does that sound good?”

Little dried fish?

A ray of light flashed through Wake’s chaotic mind.

But it soon disappeared, he didn’t want little dried fish, he wanted little merkids.

His golden hair fell on his chest, his fair body began to heat up. His aloof face appeared very seductive.

A heated energy sprang up in his body, making him eager to vent.

Wake felt that she wasn’t like him since merfolks had to be in heat together.

She had no scent of estrus.

He bowed his head to sniff her body and frowned, feeling somewhat aggrieved.

Wake’s ancient memories about this were vague.

He tried to touch her body with his fingers, except the skin felt different from a merfolks’.

Wrinkled? Was this mermaid very old?

His nails accidentally slipped, and the layer of wrinkled skin was torn.

Bai Weiwei sucked in a breath, most of her dress was torn.

A strand of ferocity flashed through Wake’s eyes, yet the merman’s natural tenderness towards its partner suppressed his brutal madness.

There was a violent struggle in his eyes as he stretched out the tip of his tongue, and licked her cut.

Worried that she was hurt.

However he didn’t lick the blood, instead she was smooth and tender.

Bai Weiwei leaned against the stone wall, unable to escape. Originally, she thought that she was going to be eaten. But the result was that this silly fish ripped open her clothes to lick her now exposed collar bone like his life depended on it.

His bewildered eyes brought forth a ferocious desire to attack once more.

Right now, the grim, sharp contours of his face were more animalistic.

Bai Weiwei only felt a burst of tingling sensations from her clavicle. She began to quiver.

She pursed her lips, as a few hints of redness appeared on her pale-as-paper face.

Her hands pushed him with no strength, trying to escape from this suffocating situation.

However, this struggle was too trivial against a merfolk.

Sensing her powerless resistance and that there was no scent of merfolk’s estrus on her body, Wake was finally angered.

He smacked the ground with his tail impetuously, as if he wanted to vent, but couldn’t find a target.

Bai Weiwei noticed a gap in his tail, and her desire for survival gave her one last rare explosion of strength.

She immediately crawled out from under the merfolk.

But before she could escape more than a few steps, a hand as hard as steel caught her ankle again and dragged her back.

Bai Weiwei fiercely kicked in her panic.

She stomped on his shoulder but it felt more like her heel kicked an iron plate.

Her bones felt like they were going to break.

Wake paused and his grip loosened.

Bai Weiwei couldn’t worry about why as she ran away immediately……

But there was no place to run, she found herself stuck inside a narrow cave.

There was water below the cave, at a glance this was probably a cave at the bottom of the ocean.

Piper’s Corner: For those of you that didn’t know, there can be underwater sea caves. Much like how you take a cup or bowl upside down into the bathtub and they still have air inside, these caves are kinda like that. TheWhiteBook created a quick sketch to show you. It is possible, but the real question is how well the oxygen levels are in these, because they can be filled with air for a variety of reasons, and from a variety of air sources.



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    1. It does sound cute~ We have to thank Piper for that, my translation was stiffer and not as adorable.
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      1. I love the BWW and Wake drawing😂 Thanks for clearing up the confusion! I was thinking something entirely different, like, some sort of isolation spell from Xianxia novels that Wake could’ve (possibly???) cast lol
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    1. While the cave is underwater, she is not. We just added something to the end of the chapter to help you understand if that’s too contradictory, hope it helps.

  1. Some fics have places like this — breathable ordinary looking cave inside the ocean. I have no idea about the science behind it.

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