MGCH Chapter 865

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (35)

“Wake, bear with it. Once your heat period passes, you’ll be alright.”

She had just communicated with the system.

A merfolk’s first time was the shortest.

After two or three hours it would be over.

The venom in his system from the bullets had also begun to subside.

Wake’s body is stronger than other merfolk’s.

So a venom bullet that worked for ordinary merfolks, he only required a few hours to resolve it.

As for that cheap Chen Mo saying that he needed to eat human flesh.

That also only referred to ordinary merfolk.

Wake thought that she had agreed, his tail swayed cheerfully. He raised his head so that she could touch it more easily.

His hair was long and beautiful, no other merfolk could match him.

Wake sniffed her, the soft fragrance stimulated him to the point that his eyes rolled back.

But, there was still no scent of estrus.

Wake’s ferocious irritability reappeared, and his teeth were nearly exposed.

Why wasn’t she in estrus, was he not beautiful?

Was he not strong?

Or did he not smell good?

Because she had been soaked in the sea water, Bai Weiwei had nasal congestion and a headache. She couldn’t smell the scent of merfolk pheromones in the air.

It was kind of like the ocean, deep but with a heated atmosphere different from the sea.

Like the merfolk’s song, it was brimming with temptation.

It could make both humans and merfolks lose control.

Wake considered searching for another mermaid, he even remembered that his song could attract the best mermaids from the deepest reaches of the ocean.

Yet, when he went out, he couldn’t help but swim back unconsciously.

He liked her fragrance, even if her skin seemed wrinkled and aged and she wasn’t in estrus.

Even with all that, he just liked her.

He wanted her, not other mermaids.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 25.

A question mark appeared over Bai Weiwei’s head.

Loss of reason could also increase favorability?

Wake was getting more and more uncomfortable, his fingers squeezed a stone, shattering it.

He suddenly roared at Bai Weiwei, and his teeth had a frightful deterrent force.

Merfolk’s operating only on instinct were terrifying.

They could tear a human being to shreds by accident.

Bai Weiwei didn’t dare to move, she had no experience dealing with merfolk that have lost their rational.

Well, it would be more correct to say that she had no experience dealing with human and animal type of love.

So she could only take it one step at a time.

Wake could barely contain it anymore. His body shook, and his golden eyes were terrifyingly rich.

Being in heat to this extent was torture for merfolks.

Even if she wasn’t in estrus, he could still mate.

It was just that they couldn’t bear a little merbaby.

This thought flashed through Wake’s mind. His eyes became scary and he wanted to climb out of the water to catch her.

Bai Weiwei saw him move and got the feeling that a horrifying crocodile was climbing out of the water to eat people.

She cursed the system a million times in her head, any plan was fundamentally useless here.

What type of reason could be used on a fish?

Its brain wasn’t the same as a human being’s, her previous attacking experience wasn’t useful at all.

Wake seemed to feel her fear and hesitated a moment before he struggled to suppress his painful desires.

Then he thought about it with his limited brain power, only to decide to return to the water.

If there was a little merbaby.

Then this little mermaid would have to stay with him.

He liked her scent, but he had to secure his place as her companion first.

Merfolk also had a way of courting that was solely for their identified companion.

It was different than those merfolk one-night stands.

This kind of courtship was tantamount to a marriage proposal.

He was hesitant, but she wasn’t in estrus so he was anxious.


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