MGCH Chapter 869

Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (39)

Wake, who was hidden in the water, only then dared to slowly come out.

He wore a helpless expression on his cold, delicate face. He had just hidden, like a coward.

Fled without a fight.

But, when he saw her look at him so gently, his heartbeat was too intense. He had to hide in the water for fear she would hear.

Wake approached her gently, and couldn’t help but reach out to touch her.

Maybe there were some good humans.

Like she was.

His fingers caressed her face, the smooth feeling made him comfortable in an instant.

He laid on his side and gazed at her, unaware of how soft his eyes were.

When Bai Weiwei woke up, she found herself enveloped in a sleeping bag. She could hear a bonfire burning next to her.

Yet, she was still in the same cave.

She stared at her wet clothes hanging by the side of the campfire in bewilderment.

She was wearing a silk dress.

When she woke up, everything was completed.

Bai Weiwei: “Tongzi, you did this?”

The system was eating instant noodles. When it heard the host’s voice, it hurriedly hid the instant noodles behind it.

“I didn’t. I wouldn’t, really.”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

The system only realized that the host did not catch it stealing food after it finished speaking.

It was just about to shift the subject.

When breaking water sounded again.

Wake came out of the water. His chest was **, and since he came out of the water with a human appearance, he was wearing a pair of trousers.

“Woke up?” His pronunciation still wasn’t quite up to standard, but it was much better than before.

Bai Weiwei half sat up, and watched him incredulously, “Wake?”

Wake put the things in his hands by the campfire, then took out a can of fish, and easily cut it open with his nails.

It was supposed to be handed to Bai Weiwei to eat.

Except, did she like fish?

Merfolk liked them.

Humans wouldn’t necessarily like it.

Wake silently picked out another can and cut it open, thinking that humans tended to eat hot food.

He remembered the books he had read, and put a variety of cans to cook on the campfire.

He had his back to Bai Weiwei, appearing like a man. If it weren’t for his golden hair being so long, there would be no shadow of him being a merfolk.

These things were all taken from human ships on the sea’s surface.

People were different from merfolk.

Their customs, diets, and interests weren’t the same.

He didn’t know what she liked, but instinctively went searching for human things to give her.

Bai Weiwei said, “Wake, are you feeling okay?”

When Wake heard her voice, his body went numb as if affected by an electric current.

His body tensed uncomfortably for a long time, before he said, “En.”

Bai Weiwei sighed in relief, “That’s good.”

Hearing her heartfelt words, Wake’s body became even more stiff.

Now when he saw her, he was awkward all over. He wanted to get close, while also wanting to escape.

This tangled emotion left him at a loss.

Merfolk were the greatest warriors, there was no trepidation.

Being like this, he felt like a useless human, twisted and stupid.

Wake’s eyes were dim, and he bowed his head uncomfortably.

“Future…… you…… mine……”

Bai Weiwei: “?”

The system translated freely: “You will be mine in the future.”

Bai Weiwei: “Oh.”

Wake laboriously added, “You like…… sea……?”

System translation: “Do you like the sea?”

Bai Weiwei didn’t think long before nodding: “Like, ah.”

A thread of ecstasy flashed through Wake’s eyes, and he pursed his lips to press down his smile.

As a merman, he must be cool, must be calm.

Wake’s tone became brisk, “I don’t……disdain……”Don’t disdain you for being a human. The sea is different from the land, even so I will try to give you a good living environment.

Piper: How much oxygen does that little cave have??? If it has too much, the cave would have exploded when Wake lit the fire, but if it has too little, then having a fire is going to soon suffocate BWW (not just by lack of oxygen, but also smoke)… Unless the cave has a open hole to the outside, which is unlikely since it is underwater. *Deep sign* It’s okay, Piper, it’s just book logic…. just book logic *pulls hair out at crappy book logic*


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