MSTP Chapter 65

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“Thank you.”

Song Yuan could surmise that her life in the ancient times had not been a pleasant one.

On the one hand, she vaguely felt that the dreams she’d been having during the period of time were closely related to, maybe even be true depictions of, her experience in the ancient times. From these few dreams, she could see that she’d had happy times, but more so depressing times. Even in her dreams, she could sense the powerlessness and helplessness.

On the other hand, she remembered her condition when she had just transmigrated back from the ancient times. There was no light in her eyes, and her entire being was shrouded in shadow. To say that she was as heavy as stagnant water would not be an exaggeration.

She wouldn’t have been happy being empress in the ancient times, would she? Given her ostrich mentality, she should have chosen to not recall the unhappy things and instead stayed calm, even have a Buddhist mentality of letting nature take its course. That was, until she saw clearly in her dreams her brother’s face. That was when she suddenly realized that some things couldn’t be forgotten.

As she brushed her teeth, she thought, should she make an appointment with a psychologist?

But if she really did meet with a psychologist, what could she say? Would the doctor treat her as someone with a mental disorder?

How she could recall the people she had forgotten? That was the issue.

Rong Ting felt that Empress Mother was acting strangely this morning. She was in a daze during breakfast. If not for his reminder, she would have picked up the wrong cup.

“Empress Mother, what is wrong?” Rong Ting looked at her worriedly. “Is it an illness?”

Song Yuan, returning to her senses, shook her head and pointed to her brain. “I was thinking about whether I should go see a doctor. I heard the hospital also has treatments for amnesia.”

“Empress Mother…” Rong Ting hesitated for a moment, feeling conflicted. There were many things that he wasn’t clear on, and if Emperor Father or Empress Mother recovered their memory, they could assist him. But he also hoped that Empress Mother could be happy every day.

“Then I’ve decided.” Song Yuan’s expression was relaxed. “I’ll ask around in the next few days, see which hospital is better. There are some things that are better remembered.”

Now that Gugu had been with her for so long, and His Majesty the emperor had also come, how could she still remain in the dark?

“Empress Mother need not force herself.” Rong Ting was now quite upset. Why had he not tried to understand the circumstances and blamed Empress Mother for forgetting him?

“I’m not forcing myself ah.” Song Yuan squeezed out some ketchup on his bread, her tone light. “Alright, let’s not talk about this, I’ve already decided. If there’s nothing going on today, would you like to go skiing?”

The two had been living together for a long time, and Song Yuan knew how to divert his attention. So when Rong Ting heard “skiing,” his eyes lit up. “Skiing? But it is not snowing now.”

After breakfast, the mother and son went out. Song Yuan had already booked the tickets online. By the time they arrived at the ski resort several tens of kilometers away from the city, it was almost noon. There were restaurants in the ski resort, but none of them sold fast food. Tourists bought instant noodles the most, and Rong Ting was the most interested in the instant noodles. Song Yuan took Rong Ting for a stroll inside the small supermarket and, with no other choice, bought two packs of instant noodles and two cups of milk tea.

She hadn’t strategized well. When she had come here before, all the restaurants had sold instant rice, but she hadn’t taken into account the present situation. Right now, there were only a few days before New Years, and all the restaurant staff had taken a holiday to go back for New Years. To be able to have instant noodles was already pretty good.

It was Rong Ting’s first time eating instant noodles.

Song Yuan saw he was engrossed in the instant noodles, sweat forming on the tip of his nose, and couldn’t help but ask him, “Do you like it?”

Rong Ting liked to eat noodles, so the fact that he would also like eating instant noodles was within Song Yuan’s expectations. She had also liked to eat instant noodles when she was a child. Seeing how cute Rong Ting was, she took out her phone while he wasn’t paying attention and secretly took a photo, then uploaded it onto her Moments. She now shared bits and pieces about Rong Ting. They weren’t shared to most people and were only viewable by Chen Linjing and Song Haiping. Not long after she also quietly added Rong Heng to the list. She figured he would also want to see.

【Mom also liked to eat noodles as a kid! Today is skiing Gu, going to flood the feed1 later!】

Building the Motherland: 【To think that he likes eating noodles. As expected of a little country bumpkin.】

Light Clouds Gentle Winds: 【Be careful skiing, don’t get frostbite.】

The skiing resort’s clothes and shoes were shared. Rong Ting had a slight habit of cleanliness, so Song Yuan originally thought that Rong Ting would be unwilling to accept it at first. She didn’t expect that his curiosity of skiing would briefly overcome his penchant for cleanliness and that he would quickly change into thick clothes and boots. New Year was approaching, and today was a work day, so there was no one else at the ski resort. Song Yuan specially hired a skiing instructor to teach Rong Ting skiing, and the mother-son pair had a great time.

Song Yuan posted in her Moments every ten minutes. In the final few posts, the two people Building the Motherland and Light Clouds Gentle Winds did not write any comments or give any likes. Perhaps Grandma and Grandpa couldn’t take this crazy sharenting2 behavior and temporarily blocked her.

But Rong Heng held his phone and refreshed it from time to time. He still wasn’t very good with WeChat and couldn’t type very fast, but he read every post Song Yuan shared on her Moments.

As New Year approached, many people came to visit the Xie family each day, particularly so for this year. Everyone knew that the Xie family’s Crown Prince had narrowly escaped death, so while on the surface everyone came to see Elder Xie, in reality, it was to see Xie Heng.

Many members of wealthy families believed in superstitions. A few days earlier, Elder Xie invited a great master to remove any bad luck around his grandson. How could he have known that once the great master took a look at Xie Heng, he would say that Crown Prince Xie had excellent fate3? This great master was quite capable and did not easily leave the mountains. If not for Elder Xie’s luck and willingness to spend money, he would not have come to the Xie’s. Elder Xie was overjoyed, and even Xie Yanjun, who was not superstitious, was delighted. Who didn’t like hearing auspicious words?

Xie Yanjun was now in high spirits. While playing cards with a few of his friends, he had won several rounds in a row. Just as he was excited, his driver came in, and whatever the driver had whispered in Xie Yanjun’s ear caused his face to instantly grow unsightly. He abruptly stood up and walked out of the guest room. Madam Xie and Rong Heng watched from the balcony of the main building. Outside the gates stood a middle-aged woman cutting a sorry figure.

Who knew what the middle-aged woman was saying to Xie Yanjun while crying and laughing.

Madam Xie couldn’t clearly see Xie Yanjun’s face, but she could guess that he must be feeling very impatient at the moment.

“A’Heng, come walk with Mother.”

Madam Xie and Rong Heng walked out of the main building. Both of them had indifferent expressions as they passed by Xie Yanjun and the middle-aged woman. Both the mother and son looked the same, neither casting a glance in that direction.

The middle-aged woman unconsciously shrank back when she saw Madam Xie and Rong Heng.

She was especially unsure of where to place her eyes when she saw Rong Heng. A few months ago, when she heard that Crown Prince Xie’s life and death was unknown, and her son guaranteed that he was definitely dead and that she would become the grand Madam Xie, she was moved and excited… Now, when she recalled her son’s madness some time ago, she wondered if she had been wrong for instilling in her son the idea that “everything in the Xie family is yours.”

Xie Yanjun was extremely awkward. Would the last dregs of dignity he had in front of his wife and son be completely gone with this annoyance?

He watched the mother and son walk out the gates, their figures blurring. He looked at this lover who had accompanied him for many years and couldn’t help but burn with anger. All sorts of ugly words came bursting out. He never vented in front of his wife, if only because he knew that she had the Lu family backing her, and his wife demanded his “respect.” His lover was different; she was something he kept. Anything dirty or unpleasant, he did what he wanted and said what he wanted. To him, a lover was not a person, but an object and a pet. After scolding her, he had the housekeeper drive her away, not leaving her a bit of face.

“I heard your father say he introduced you to a friend, but there was no more news?” Madam Xie spoke softly. “That wasn’t what I wanted. I can guess what he’s thinking, but don’t worry. Now, he doesn’t dare to control your matters.”

Rong Heng still did not speak at the Xie’s. They had called over many doctors, and all of them said that he had suffered a severe psychological injury and needed to recuperate slowly.

“I remember you said a long time ago that in the future, you wanted to marry the person you liked.” When Madam Xie recalled the past, she couldn’t help but smile. “That’s good. I’ve thought about it carefully. The doctor said that Father’s body isn’t well. He is almost eighty this year, but there aren’t many years left. Speaking of something interesting, I haven’t told you, but a great master once calculated your father’s fate. He said that he would go through a calamity at 58. It was fine if he could persist, but if not…” she paused. “So your father dislikes such great masters. He is only a few years away from 58, and he is afraid in his heart. I was thinking, you can take it slow with some things. Take a few years to study before coming back and familiarizing yourself with the company. It wouldn’t be too late to get married after you’ve really started the business, right?

“I’m not the kind of mother who pushes for marriage. You are in charge of your own affairs. As for me, I don’t have too many wishes. I’ve lived to this age, and I’ve come to accept many things. Whether it’s money or power, none of it matters. Back when you had that accident, I felt unwell every day, afraid that you would truly be gone. When I thought about how there would be no offspring to honor you4 in the future, I couldn’t sleep at night. I felt like there was no one to remember you apart from me.

“Someone will remember, right?” Madam Tai said softly.

Rong Heng normally never responded to Madam Tai.

He watched everything going on with the Xie family with a cold gaze. This place was just a microcosm of the palace, and he no longer wondered at strange sights.

Madam Tai’s love for her son did not move him. He was just an outsider and a bystander. But this time, for some reason, he thought of her. When she was giving birth, he had been pacing restlessly outside. Sometimes, he was even hearing things. Thinking that someone had asked him whether to save the mother or the child, he had chosen the mother without thinking. There was only one eunuch by his side who had been serving him for many years. When that eunuch heard what he said, his whole body trembled.

It was her first child, and it was a difficult birth. One day and one night passed before they heard the sounds of a baby crying. He paid no heed to other people’s dissuasions and disregarded the so-called ancestral rules to come to her side. Her voice was hoarse as she said she wanted to see the child. She held Rong Ting, whose face was red and wrinkled, and kissed the tips of his fingers, tears falling from her eyes.

Rong Heng returned to his senses. He looked at Madam Tai and nodded his head.

There was someone who would remember.

It was the first time he had responded to Madam Tai.

Mada Xie looked dazedly at her son, her eyes growing red. She quickly turned her head, concealing the tears in her eyes, and said in a choked voice, “Thank you.”

[1] 刷屏: not super sure about the meaning, but Baidu made it sound like it’s basically when someone spams the same thing/message over and over in a forum or group chat. In this case, it probably means flooding the feed with pictures of Rong Ting?

[2] 晒娃: slang for when parents excessively share pics or posts about their child(ren) on social media

[3] 运: often translated as luck, fortune, or fate

[4] 祭拜: to pay one’s respects to

Cheese: scum man xie yanjun deserves all the hate coming to him and more. as terrible as that mistress is, she’s not an object!

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