MGCH Chapter 872

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (42)

Bai Weiwei fearfully asked the system: “It must have been miscalculated, the rate that the favorability is rising isn’t normal, ah. It isn’t like those previous fluctuations in favorability.”

Normally, if there weren’t any major events.

Favorability wouldn’t change easily.

System: “It isn’t miscalculated, ah.”

The system flipped through its own database, it also felt that the increase in favorability was too rapid.

Originally this plane’s mission target should be difficult to subdue.

Merfolk saw humans as deadly enemies, how could the favorability be increased so easily.

Flipping through, flipping through, it suddenly saw Ye Yuxuan’s folder.

The corner of the system’s mouth twitched. Tipped through, the effect of the chosen son of heaven’s planar barrier was getting weaker.

It took a deep look at the unaware Bai Weiwei.

Then hid the folder a little better.

No wonder the favorability rose more and more quickly since the emotional fragments belonged to Ye Yuxuan, it seems…… it was resonating with Ye Yuxuan.

This also explained why Ye Yuxuan’s dream barrier was beginning to fail.

The system’s expression sank like water, the warehouse had nothing suitable to block Ye Yuxuan’s growing strength.

If this went on, one day Ye Yuxuan would have a big outbreak.

And the system wouldn’t be able to control it.

Bai Weiwei suddenly whispered: “Tongzi, we’ve known each other for so long, just tell me the truth. You aren’t hiding anything from me, right?”

She had been skeptical for a long time.

The system shook its head so hard that Ye Yuxuan’s matter was almost shaken out.

It’s facial muscles were twitching, and its voice was quivering, “I, I, I, I……”

Bai Weiwei was on full alert, her eyes were cold, “What are you hiding from me?”

The system finally regrouped, “I ate two buckets of instant noodles, because it was on discount. I couldn’t resist the buy one to get one deal.”

Bai Weiwei gritted her teeth, “How much life value, ah, this prodigal system.”

System: “Three days.”

Bai Weiwei: “Will you die if you don’t eat?”

The system was silent for a while, only to pathetically respond: “Yes.”

The system really needed to eat, ah. It was afraid to eat much because before it was bound to Bai Weiwei every snack was worth hundreds in life value.

Bai Weiwei: “……”

There’s no way to respond to that.

Poverty had made them unrecognizable.

Finally, Bai Weiwei sighed: “Eat a little less, if you’re too fat you’ll get stuck in the doorway.”

The system obediently said, “En, en.”

The artificial old feeling system suddenly revealed a tight smile that wasn’t quite a smile.

Bai Weiwei: Such an obedient and cheap Slagstem, feels like I’m committing fraud, ah.

System: Such an easy to fool host, it doesn’t feel right, ah.

Wake, who went out for a while before suddenly emerged from the water.

He held a pearl oyster in his hand, and carefully gave it to Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei took a curious peek, the pearl was shining in rainbow colors.

Wake picked up the pearl and motioned for Bai Weiwei to bow her head.

Bai Weiwei just lowered her head without thinking and the pearl was stuffed into her lips.

It rolled straight down her esophagus and was swallowed into her stomach.

Bai Weiwei: That didn’t feel edible.

Wake watched her swallow, before stretching out his strong arms, “Come…… down.”

Bai Weiwei knew they had to leave, but just as her feet touched the water trying to go down.

Wake quickly swam to her side and gently supported her feet. He let her borrow his strength to lightly fall in the water, directly into his arms.

He was holding Bai Weiwei, he couldn’t help but put his face next to her hair. Since they were immersed in sea water, she smelled like the ocean.

This scent was attractive to merfolk.

Wake comfortably narrowed his eyes, then plunged into the water.

Bai Weiwei prepared to choke on the water, but after entering, she found the icy ocean water to be surprisingly warm.

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  1. It’s almost like Wei Wei and the system are the real old couple here. Thank you for the chapter!

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  3. She smelled like the ocean. An incredibly attractive scent to mermaids.

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