MGCH Chapter 878

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (48)

Wake blinked his blue eyes, that were full of confusion.

Bai Weiwei held up the Merfolk’s Heart, bowed her head, and leaned her forehead against the pearl.

The beautiful blue light enveloped her, and she softly made her wish, “Please, come back to land with me.”

Please come back…… to land with me.

Wake’s blue eyes turned gold due to the sudden outburst of emotion.

His strength immediately agitated the water.

Back to land, she just didn’t want him.

The merfolk’s eyes became frighteningly desolate. He looked at Bai Weiwei and roared in human language.

“Stay …… Stay, Weiwei.”

Only her name could he always call out smoothly.

Bai Weiwei wanted to look back, but a white light flashed before her eyes and she vanished off the back of the giant whale with the pearl.

A powerful force swept through the icy seawater.

He fought for his life to break through the enormous pressure of the currents, constantly trying to rush upwards.

Wanting to catch his merfolk bride.

Wake felt heart breaking pain, and he held out his hand. He wanted to directly leave the Eye of the Sea.

But, once he finally left, the earthquakes began.

Wake’s eyes flashed with crazed fury, and he glared fiercely into the sea.

Bai Weiwei has disappeared, yet the whale was still there.

Wake’s eyes were cold and terrifying, his expression was extremely distorted.

He lifted his finger, and the sea water changed into countless sharp blades. They tore the whale to pieces, and cold blood spread through the intensely surging water.

In the red blood, his expression was incomparably vicious.

He retreated into the Eye of the Sea and the earthquakes stopped immediately.

Deep in the dark Eye of the Sea, the cold, dark water swept over his strong, slender body.

Wake kept thinking back to the image of the time she said she wanted to break up.

Was everything she told him lies?

What she said about him being her dream, that she liked merfolk.

Was it all to deceive him?

Wake’s golden eyes were drenched by the black sea water.

Betrayal was painful, but what made him utterly hopeless.

Was that she left him.

Wake stayed in the dark. He suddenly started laughing softly, his laughter grew louder and louder, and in the end it became extremely savage.

The ocean raged with the king’s heart tearing apart. The lung splitting pain made the entire sea restless.

Betraying him was tantamount to betraying the entire ocean.

She couldn’t run away, there was nowhere she could run.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 55 …… 50……

Bai Weiwei appeared in her home holding the Merfolk’s Heart.

The beautiful pearl rolled in her hands.

Then she heard the drop in favorability, and Bai Weiwei felt that this time it would have to drop to zero.

As a result, the favorability stalled at fifty and didn’t move.

Bai Weiwei was silent for a while, only to say: “This favorability is really tenacious.”

The system said: “While the male lead is still stuck in the Eye of the Sea, quickly investigate the pearl’s secret and quickly get back to the mission.”

Bai Weiwei grabbed the blue pearl and nodded.

In the end, less than a minute after she returned home and before she could even start researching, the door of her house was violently kicked open.

Chen Mo limped in on crutches with his face wrapped like zongzi1, followed by several bodyguards.

When he saw her, his eyes lit up like a wolf.

“After the surveillance device sensed you returned, I have come to arrest you, you merfolk collaborator.”

Bai Weiwei observed Chen Mo top to bottom, then said to the system: “Based on the experience I’ve accumulated over multiple planes, I think this guy, Chen Mo, is interested in me.”

The system flipped through the information, “Chen Mo, favorability: ninety five.”

1: 粽子, a chinese rice dish that is steamed in banana leaf, it looks a lot like a onigiri (Japanese rice ball… They are also sometimes referred to as “Jelly filled donuts”) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Piper: Dang, where can I get loyal men falling over me like that…. Jk, but in all seriousness, OUCH! This chapter hurt to read. Poor ML :'(


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