MGCH Chapter 881

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (51)

Slight NSFW warning:

Bai Weiwei intended to finish the side quest and return the Merfolk’s Heart as soon as possible before Wake could escape and take revenge on her.

So her future attack strategies needed to be a point smoother.

Bai Weiwei suddenly felt a little tickle against her skin, as if there was something licking her, bringing about a strange numbing sensation.

She trembled, her lashes fluttered, and opened her eyes in a hurry.

There was nothing in the water.

She frowned, was it an illusion?

Suddenly, the water in the bathtub seemed to come alive. It began to wrap around her thin, fair ankles, constantly touching as it climbed higher.

It felt creepy, like something was tasting her skin.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes flashed a strand of shock, she hurriedly tried to stand up, but her legs were forcefully held down.

The water morphed into the shape of a chain. That transparent binding shacked to her legs and dragged her back into the bathtub.

She was unprepared and the water pulled her into the tub at once.

The sense of suffocation made her want to struggle.

An outstretched hand broke through the surface of the water and tried to grab onto the edge of the bathtub to escape.

But, when her fingers had just hit the edge of the tub, the chains of water instantly entangled her arm, fettering her wrist.

Her hand was pulled into the bathtub as well.

The bathtub was so large that she had to struggle and fight desperately just to sit up.

The water turned into terrifying chains of bondage, ruthlessly constraining her beneath the water with no way out.

The pearl she consumed in the sea before, the one that allowed people to breathe underwater, had already lost its effect.

Bai Weiwei labored to raise her head to shout, “Slagstem……”

Wait wait, it seemed she needed to call out, I love great commander Tong 004 three times.

Bai Weiwei: ……Pei, I would rather drown than shout that.

In her hesitation, the water forcefully submerged her once more.

She felt pain in her chest like her lungs were going to burst. Her will to live compelled her to struggle for another breath.

Except, once she got a good breath, the water dragged her into the bathtub again, deliberately making her feel the unique hopelessness of drowning again and again.

Bai Weiwei was tossed to the end of her will, her head hurt like it was going to split, and she was gradually losing the strength in her limbs.

Eventually, she closed her eyes, and sank to the bottom of the bathtub without fighting. The water chain became as a gentle feather as it held her, mimicking a kiss against her clean cheek.

Her breath bubbles were getting more and more sparse.

The water hesitated a moment, before it suddenly lifted her up and leaned her head against the bathtub.

Bai Weiwei then felt the air again.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

Lack of oxygen made her look unusually pale, her fingers finally moved, and she somewhat fearfully grasped the edge of the bathtub.

She almost drowned in the bath.

She had never heard of a person drowning in a bathtub.

Suddenly her body stiffened, the water still had her ankle in a death grip.

Making her unable to leave the bathtub.

What made her quiver was that the water had formed into transparent tendrils and began to sexually caress her calves, thighs……

Bai Weiwei thrashed for a moment, wanting to pull her foot back.

But, this struggling action seemed to anger the strange and frightening water. The water chain on her ankle tightened furiously, making her yelp in pain.

The water chain loosened a little.

As if it was just trying to give her a warning.

Bai Weiwei was confined to the water, weakly enduring its flowing touch.

This feeling gave her scalp goosebumps, her spine felt numb as if an electric current flowed through it. This kind of invisible unrestrained touching, made others embarrassed.

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were misty, and her skin was pink and flushed, helpless and panicked.

Her trembling lips suddenly softly called a name.



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