MGCH Chapter 882

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (52)

The word was like a curse, breaking the suffocating atmosphere in a second.

The water squealed and began to coalesce creating a strange scene.

The transparent water chilled, slowly transforming into slender fingers, an elegant dark blue tail, and a torso with perfect powerful muscular lines. His long dark hair hung down, and a delicate impeccable face appeared in front of her.

His hand squeezed Bai Weiwei’s neck, his tail coiled around her fragile legs, and his whole person shrouded her from above.

Similar to a judgmental god, his face was cold to the point of cruel hatred.

Bai Weiwei saw that his hair was black, his light blue eyes had turned completely golden, and the blue of his tail had also become darker.

Was this…… discoloration, from blackening?

Wake slowly raised the corner of his lips, but his eyes were cold.

“My beautiful wife, we meet again.”

Bai Weiwei stared at him visibly shocked by his peculiar appearance.

Wake approached her with bad intentions overflowing with desire, he possessively stuck out his tongue and licked her tender lips.

Bai Weiwei attempted to back away. A strand of violence flashed through his eyes, his fingers clenched for a moment causing her to uncomfortably frown immediately.

Wake’s expression became crazed, he exposed his sharp merfolk teeth, and bowed his head to bite her neck. His teeth tore into the meat causing blood to seep out.

Bai Weiwei hissed, unable to struggle against such a terrifying restrictive force.

She could only weakly raise her head, allowing him to angrily retaliate.

Wake noticed that she was shaking in pain, and it pierced his heart. He couldn’t help but release his mouth, and stretch out his tongue to lick the place he bit her.

Letting the wound begin to heal.

Somewhere she couldn’t see, his eyes were deep and painful.

Yet, his voice was frighteningly cold, “Bring the Merfolk’s Heart and come back to me.”

This sentence was like asking her to go back on trial.

Except, only he knew that as long as she was willing to agree.

He would forgive her.

He couldn’t bear to punish her, let alone hurt her.

Bai Weiwei pursed her lips. Her fingers loosened and tightened again before finally being placed on his chest to block him.

Her face was pale, there were a few threads of water in her eyes, but her expression was even colder than Wake’s.

“I’m not going back, Wake, I’m a human, you’re a merfolk. We can’t be together.”

The look in Wake’s eyes deepened. His sharp, thin lips slowly hooked into a peerlessly vicious smile.

He held her face while his sinister smile was laden with animalistic malice.

Bai Weiwei’s body instinctively quivered. Just like prey eyed by a beast, there was a terrible sense of looming death.

This feeling was really awful.

Wake whispered, “Were you just trying to get the Merfolk’s Heart?”

Bai Weiwei: “……”

She couldn’t refute it, she would like to give this side quest a friendly exchange with a certain lifted finger.

Should she use the white lotus template: Listen to me explain don’t believe your eyes, I have difficulties …… Then the favorability will increase causing her to be pressed into a meat patty.

Or use the cautious attack template: Yes, ah. I lied to you for the meridiot’s heart, ah. Come fight me…… The favorability wouldn’t rise.

But, she would be killed by the merfolk.

Bai Weiwei revealed an expression of mournful sorrow, her eyes showed helplessness and vulnerability clearly enough to break other people’s hearts.

She bit her lip and a touch of determination appeared on her face, “You were never the most special in my heart, you are just a failed merfolk I created.”

Wake’s fingers stiffened, and the smile on his lips slowly disappeared.

He hung his head down and a shadow climbed over his golden eyes creating a frightening pressure.

A scent appeared in the air.

Rich and hot, yet filled with the smell of the ocean.


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