MGCH Chapter 886

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (56)

She didn’t see the water turn into Wake.

If there’s no meeting, no interaction, the favorability wouldn’t increase.

Meanwhile, she was successful in casually raising a merfolk from the incubator.

But, it was just a common merfolk, not a merfolk king.

Failure was common, so no one would be inclined toward suspicion.

It was a mermaid.

Her long blue hair was similar to water grass, her body was seventeen or eighteen years old.

She looked unusually radiant.

Bai Weiwei bowed her head to record the data. Although the pen was moving, in fact, her spirit had already run away.

The merfolk had been grown.

She could find a chance to go to the shore and jump in.

With the Merfolk’s Heart on her person she wouldn’t drown.

Once she was in the sea, it would always be simple to find Wake.

Suddenly, she sensed someone around her and looked up.

Only to see Chen Mo, who recovered his maturity, wearing a white lab robe with his hair neatly combed and gelled.

He smiled politely and calmly, “It doesn’t matter if you failed this time, just keep researching.”

Bai Weiwei stared at him quietly, set down the pen in her hand.

Then she nodded flatly.

Chen Mo was thrilled when he saw her glance at him, but still held back his excited expression.

“You’ve been too tired lately, the lab decided to grant you a holiday.”

Bai Weiwei said faintly, “Thank you.”

Chen Mo said: “Is there any place you want to go? I can accompany you to travel to dissipate your worries.”

A man asked a woman to go on a trip to dissipate her worries.

His intentions, who couldn’t see through it?

Bai Weiwei’s eyes were even more strange, and she said incomparably calmly, “I think we aren’t that familiar.”

The excitement in Chen Mo’s eyes was broken by sadness, his lips trembled as he struggled to keep calm and say: “You are a suspect of collaborating with the merfolk. Someone needs to monitor you wherever you go. Your observer is me.”

Bai Weiwei was apathetic, she reached out: “Take out your surveillance mandate to prove it. And you keep saying that I colluded with the merfolk, where’s your evidence?”

Chen Mo pulled out his cell phone and opened a document, “This is the surveillance mandate, as far as evidence for you colluding with the merfolk……”

Could he say he burned it?

When she went out to sea with the merfolk, she was tracked all along the way.

Their entire route was recorded.

Furthermore, when she rented a boat, she used her own ID.

This kind of question was stupid to death.

After he returned ashore, while he was still in the hospital, he had his brother gather all their first-hand information.

To destroy them.

He remembered his brother’s taunts, “Thinking of love, you could actually do this sort of disadvantageous thing?”

It turned him into the family’s laughing stock.

Chen Mo had a plain tone: “There was enough evidence to arrest you long ago, you’re now a suspect, surveillance is the most important.”

In the face of his ninety five favorability, Bai Weiwei was completely unable to take his words seriously.

If he was a normal character, she might relax her guard considering the ninety five favorability.

Except, was Chen Mo a normal person?

Ninety five favorability just suddenly jumped up.

She asked the system, and before she transmigrated, he had a negative five point favorability with the original owner.

Later on, they hadn’t met but a few times, and the favorability remained within a safe range of ten.

Until he battled to catch the merfolk last time, with guns and that storm.

Add to that, when she kicked him, he hit his head on the railing and suffered a concussion.

Then his favorability was suddenly ninety five.

Bai Weiwei used her rich experience to analyze this kind of rise in favorability.

Chen Mo was either a super quivering M.

Or a pervert.


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