MGCH Chapter 888

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (58)

Who did you say was the merfolk you loved most?

Bai Weiwei immediately opened her mouth and answered, “Gururu gurururu……”

She forgot she was under water, by opening her mouth she almost choked to death.

Bai Weiwei hurriedly closed her mouth. Her brow was furrowed to death as she desperately struggled to swim up.

But, as soon as she struggled, the merfolk immediately burst into a rage and snarled.

The sharp threatening sound immediately fell onto Bai Weiwei’s eardrums making her nearly stunned by the threatening warning.

In this moment of hesitation, the merfolk was in front of her. He extended his long strong arms to embrace her.

The cold, elegant, dark blue fishtail powerfully agitated the sea water.

Making the nearby sea grow restless, as a huge vortex appeared.

Bai Weiwei was confined in his arms, yet a second before she suffocated, he took her to the surface.

The storm seemed to have been called by the merfolk. Dark waters, gloomy skies, the deluge assaulted the surface.

The military vessel that brought her could be submerged at any time.

Bai Weiwei fought to open her eyes.

The merfolk behind her had arms like iron beams, dead gripping her, not letting her go.

“Anyone who cares for you will die. Who you like is who I will kill.”

These words created a bone piercing chill, and a paranoid ruthlessness.

Bai Weiwei was soaked in icy sea water, and couldn’t help but shiver.

Wake thought she was scared, his sharp claws grasp her waist, and he viciously said: “You too, as a human who betrayed me, will be cursed by the sea. If there is water there’s nowhere you can escape.”

As soon as she went back to the shoreline.

The ocean would report to him.

Even on land, as long as she came into contact with water.

He could also sense her energy and know where she was.

At the time he originally cursed her. This curses power.

Wake would rather it never be used.

His nails sliced through her clothes, yet hesitated when he was about to scratch her skin.

In the end, he stopped his dangerous actions, and his fingers became gentle again on her waist.

The Merfolk’s Heart automatically returned to Wake’s hands when it made contact with the sea water.

Once Wake got the Merfolk’s Heart, he reached out to cover her mouth and nose and stuffed a deep sea pearl into her mouth.

Bai Weiwei swallowed pearl: Feels like it will become a gastric stone sooner or later.

Wake caressed her waist with one hand and pierced into the sea with the other.

He was fast as lightning, he reached the depths of the sea in an instant.

They were going deeper and deeper into the ocean. Eventually, Bai Weiwei became a little confused, how long did they swim?

Bai Weiwei looked up, struggling to lift her neck. She saw his beautiful delicate jaw was taut, and his golden eyes were thick with hostility.

She tried to connect with her feelings, “Wake, actually the merfolk I love is you.”

This sentence caused his swimming speed to slow a little.

But soon, he accelerated.

In the dark waters, countless shining deep sea fish floated around them.

A more frightening deep sea giant appeared in the abyss, like some kind of monster with a gaping maw waiting to eat people.

Once again, Bai Weiwei felt that the deep sea was terrifying.

Wake seemed to see the destination, his thin lips gently hooked into a sinister smile.

Then he took Bai Weiwei lower.

This was the ocean’s most secure location.

Where only merfolks could reach, even humans were completely unable to come here.

The abyss of thirty thousand meters.

Wake found the cave he had prepared and swam in.

The upper layer of the cave was dry and many light-emitting gems were thrown in.

He brought her in, and tossed her onto the dried sea grass. Then he changed into his legs and walked naked to Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei self disclosed, this second side of yours is a bit beyond expectations…………


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  1. Fun Fact: The lowest point on Earth is the Challenger Deep at Mariana Trench with a depth of approximately 36,200 ft.

    They’re setting off to sink at 30,000 meters which is about 98,400 ft. deep so…they really must have a constitution stronger than titanium to reach that depth without being a smashed patty meat and a hearty plankton meal…

    But then again, why am I talking about logic. *shrugs and sips tea*

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