MGCH Chapter 892

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (62)

Humans were indeed the creatures that could deceive others the most.

Wake remembered that he had heard many regretful tales of human cunning.

His throat moved, his fingers trembled so badly that his fingernails nearly scratched her lips.

He withdrew his hand, almost instinctively.

Then he turned around, went to the water, and began washing his hands. He washed the fish off his hand, but he would rather wash the sensation of her kiss off his fingers.

If only his sentiments could be washed away as well.

Although the system said the emotional shielding was off, Bai Weiwei currently couldn’t find any feelings at all.

She figured that it might be because there wasn’t enough contact.

So she stretched out her paws and tried to touch his broad, powerful back.

As a result, before her hands made contact, Wake seemed to have an eye behind his back and his golden irises were overflowing with hot anger.

He dove into the water and threw the water beads onto Bai Weiwei’s pale face.

Then he shot her a harshly cold, sinister glare.

His hands in the water fiercely balled into fists.

“Don’t hold the delusion that if you seduce me, I’ll listen to you.”

Bai Weiwei withdrew her hand as if nothing happened, then placed her hands on her knees. Without glasses, her neat and delicate face even held a few strands of innocence.

She watched him calmly.

Instead, the merfolk became nervous, his pulse became frantic again.

Her one look, made him flustered and helpless as a young cub.

Bai Weiwei faintly sighed with soft sad eyes, “cold.”

Wake’s beautiful brows furrowed.

“And the water vapor is heavy here, my bones can’t endure it for a long time, or they’ll definitely become chronically ill.”

Wake’s thin lips were pursed, his teeth were tightly clenched, he refused to respond.

Did she think he would still feel distressed for her?

Bai Weiwei again buried her face in her knees, appearing pitiful, looking at him with misty eyes.

“And I’m hungry, humans that eat raw food are bound to get stomach diseases.”

Wake soaked in the water with his hair floating around, like an elegant but lifeless sculpture.

In fact, he was now similar to sculpture, in order to resist his own soft heart’s weak compromise.

He exhausted the entirety of his strength to reject all of Bai Weiwei’s words.

If he listened to one sentence, he would listen to two sentences.

Finally, even the Merfolk’s Heart would be wrongly swindled into her hands.

Bai Weiwei suddenly covered her mouth and sneezed.

Wake couldn’t help glancing at her, his expression terribly stiff, suddenly he plunged into the water and disappeared.

The smile on Bai Weiwei’s face gradually faded away.

The system carefully tested, “The shield is off, how do you feel?”

Bai Weiwei’s face was expressionless, “Love, excitement, there’s none. But, I really want to flatten that fish.”

Locked her in a Mountain cave 30,000 meters deep, no cell phone, never mind a computer, not even a decent bed.

Moreover, she was hungry and couldn’t eat.

She couldn’t change out of her wet clothes.

Ah, others were very excited when shut into a little black house.

When she was shut in a little black house, she felt as though she was thrown into a mine to dig for coal.

And about that peerlessly ferocious merfolk? Cowardly to death, she only showed a little temptation, yet he ran like she wanted to force him.

Wake floated into shallower waters, where the merfolk lived closer to human society.

There were many human trinkets.

It was true that humans were different from merfolk and couldn’t be kept in water for long periods of time.

Wake ordered the merfolk to gather a lot of human stuff.

The Merfolk’s Heart was thrown back into the eye of the sea.

The sea floor was peaceful.

There was a lot of gossip and rumors.


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