MGCH Chapter 893

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (63)

His keen ears caught what someone secretly said in the distance: “His Majesty is collecting human supplies, mostly for women.”

“It wouldn’t be the human who betrayed His Majesty returned again.”

“No way, if she came back she would be torn to pieces by him.”

“Also, us merfolks hate betrayal most. If even betrayal could be forgiven, it’s more genuine than true love ah.”

As Wake listened to the somewhat messy discussion.

His face was getting darker and gloomier.

He dragged a bunch of human supplies straight into the deep sea.

In the darkness of the sea, a thread of vulnerability finally appeared on his calm face.

The cold water couldn’t calm the fire in his chest.

He quietly stayed in the deep sea, his golden eyes focused on his fishtail.

He thought of the man that kissed her when he caught her.

It was a human like her.

So she actually preferred humans, not merfolks.

Even if he could change his legs, he wasn’t human.

After Wake had stopped for a while, he suddenly remembered that Bai Weiwei was hungry, and he hurried down to swim.

For fear that she was so hungry she would really develop stomach problems.

Bai Weiwei had already waited until she fell asleep.

When Wake silently emerged from the water, he saw her lying alone on the sea grass.

Her long hair was messily scattered on one side, revealing her fair nearly transparent skin. Silently inspiring love in others.

Wake quickly changed to his legs and crawled out of the water, drenched.

Then he took out all that human goods.

Because of a special packaging method, they weren’t water logged.

Wake assembled a human bed.

The cave was huge, big as a maze.

She only stayed in a small area in the outermost portion.

He made the bed, put a cupboard in place, and took out several human books.

Her favorite books on biological studies were available as well.

Also, food human’s liked were warmed and put in an insulated box.

Wake wasn’t remotely impatient, and after getting everything done, his mood was much better.

She would live here for a long time, until she truly loved him.

Only then would he dare to take her to the Merfolks’ Heart and let her wish again.

They were married, and he actually had the right to punish her.

During the time when she betrayed him, he tried to torture her many times, yet eventually gave up.

Wake picked up Bai Weiwei and placed her on the bed.

Bai Weiwei was frowning, it was unknown what she dreamt, but her body kept trembling.

When he touched her face, it was all sweaty.

There was a hint of worry in Wake’s calm eyes.

He was about to shake her awake, but his fingers stiffened.

If he always gave in to her, sooner or later he would be slyly exploited.

Wake hardened his heart and turned to go.

Except, not two steps away, he couldn’t help but look back. He saw Bai Weiwei curl her body into a ball, her complexion had become incomparable pale.

Wake blanked a bit, then turned around and went to her side.

His voice was calm, “Wake up, having nightmares?”

Bai Weiwei pressed her lips. She didn’t make a sound, couldn’t wake up, fragile enough to make others distressed.

Wake stared at her, and finally reached out his hands to hold her.

As if she was seeking someone to rely on, she drilled into his arms at once. Her head rested on his shoulder, softly whimpering.

The sound was so broken that Wake couldn’t bear it.

He hesitated, then suddenly opened his mouth and sang.

His song was ethereal and gentle, brimming with beautiful love.

Even if you didn’t understand the lyrics, you could still sense the strong sentiments.

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