MGCH Chapter 894

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (64)

Bai Weiwei slowly calmed down.

Wake kept gently singing.

This was a song that merfolk sang to their loved ones.

It also had the effect of soothing nightmares.

Merfolk were creatures born of dependence on emotion. Even singing, if there was no love, they wouldn’t have the strength to sing.

He loved her so deeply, so the song was overflowing with tender feelings for her.

Bai Weiwei hadn’t had nightmares for a long time. While the emotional shielding was active, it also blocked out many of her more subtle feelings.

When she was on a plane, her goal was clear and she never thought to back down.

Even less prone to nightmares.

This was the first adventure where she shut down the emotional shielding.

It was also the first time she so clearly felt some of the emotional changes that she’d never noticed before.

The nightmare was about mission failures.

In failure, she powerlessly faced her life value constantly slipping away.

Back in the modern era, she was found dead that morning because her heart attack recurred.

Laying there in solitude, slowly becoming a decaying corpse.

It was the deepest fear in her heart. This fear changed into a frightening will to live, sustaining her through so many places.

The nightmare had made her anguished, when suddenly a gentle and beautiful melody sounded.

She slowly opened her eyes, the nightmare was now distant from her.

She saw Wake holding her through half open eyes, his fingers appeasingly stroked her hair and sang a lullaby-like song.

She stared at him dazedly.

Wake sensed that she was awake, and hurriedly shut his mouth. It was simply too late to put the soft love for her in his expression away, and he appeared a little embarrassed.

Bai Weiwei smiled at him, this smile may not have been so carefully calculated.

But, it was brimming with sweet feelings.

She reached out to hold him, and rested her head on his shoulder.

Without saying a word, she closed her eyes, and continued to sleep with peace of mind.

At this moment, the embrace of this silly fish had become her protection against the nightmares, the warmest home.

Wake’s body stiffened. As he heard her breathing gradually slow.

He finally breathed a sigh of relief, and then sang the song quietly as a thief.

She just smiled.

So cute.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 80.

The host disabled the emotional shielding device, emotional fluctuations have emerged, please manually activate the shield.

The system faced the main system’s automatic alert. It chose not to look.

Then it said to itself, “A moved heart isn’t fun, it’ll hurt.”

So this couldn’t be repeated.

From the moment it chose her as host, it intended to save her life, even if it had to sacrifice everything else.

The system glanced at the fate roulette above its head.

Finally it sighed, and said nothing.

Surveying its warehouse, it couldn’t help crying out, it finished its instant noodles wu wu wu.

Bai Weiwei’s life was getting better.

The bed was comfortable. A big stove was carved into the stone wall for fear of her being too cold, and from time to time they roasted a few sweet potatoes.

No phone or computer, however there were a lot of books.

There was a carpet, as well as a wardrobe.

There were also various women’s supplies and stuff.

When Bai Weiwei saw Wake, her eyes couldn’t help but soften.

It was literally a merfolk version of Mr. Tian Luo1.

Nowadays, if she complained a sentence about missing something.

That thing will appear after she falls asleep at night.

Wake seemed satisfied as long as she was here. Every day, humming indifferently a couple times with a cold face.

Bai Weiwei later realized that he was punishing her.

He had to punish her betrayal, so she couldn’t be given a good face.

1: The ML of this: The Lady and Her Butler

TheWhiteBook’s Corner: You are now aware that the fish that kept trying to get hand jobs is canonically Bai Weiwei’s favorite Arc male lead. (Little editor’s corner: I kind of like the system. He’s endearing)

Piper: AP Jap is done. I failed it. Without a doubt. That was way way way too hard :’)


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