MGCH Chapter 897

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (67)

Both men said the same word at the same time, but both the tones and moods were different.

Bai Weiwei gently and tenderly gazed at Wake.

“Wake, I have no way back, I’ve betrayed humanity, there’s only you.”

Wake only felt that her eyes and words were more aggressive than any weapon on the ship.

They could easily break through his defense.

She touched his hand, “So, I chose you.”

Once she spoke to this point she couldn’t help but smile, “No, there was no choice at all. From the beginning the one I liked most was you. The first most loved is you, the second most loved is still you. Which choice to choose, it’s all you.”

Wake stared at her blankly, his heart was finally opened by her words.

The bitter core of his heart was stuffed full of sweetness by her words.

Everything was sour and sweet.

Leaving him not knowing how to react.

His irises gradually faded, restored to ice blue, and his hair began to turn golden.

Under the sun, he was so exquisitely refined that everyone thought they saw the god of the sea.

Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 85.

One person and one fish gazed at each other.

The pair made an incomparably beautiful image, others couldn’t bear to break it.

Chen Mo was speechless for a while, he felt like his mouth was full of bitter dog food.

He took a deep breath and finally remembered the duty, “Attack this merfolk for me, and …… this woman who betrayed humanity.”

When Bai Weiwei heard this, she was so frightened she jumped directly into Wake’s arms.

“Wake, we should run, ah.”


What a warm word it was.

Wake hugged her and immediately dove into the sea.

The sea was fluctuating cheerfully, and the seagulls were flying around, all happy for the merfolk.

The person next to him immediately shouted: “Open fire, and get the barbed merfolk net ready, ah.”

Chen Mo immediately ran over, and kicked the little soldier away, as he shouted: “Who let you open fire, do you know how dangerous that is? Also, the barbed wired net, don’t you know that thing is poisonous and can kill people, ah. Do you have no brain, just casually shouted a couple of words, but you still took it as true, ah.”

The soldier was kicked in the butt, shakily asked, “Why are you crying?”

Chen Mo, whose face was overflowing with tears, rolled up his sleeves to beat people to death, “I didn’t cry, my eyes are salty from the sea breeze.”

How could she choose the merfolk?

Chen Mo also remembered the previous time, for that merfolk she also didn’t fear death and leapt into the ocean.

So that’s when he started, he knew she was really in love with that fish.

Wake held her, and plunged straight into the sea.

He silently embraced her. His golden hair fluttered in the sea.

A huge school of fish swam past him.

Wake suddenly said, “You really chose me?”

Bai Weiwei was quiet a moment, before she gently nodded, “I’ll always choose you, I watched you be born with my own eyes, and also watched you grow up. I never thought to betray you.”

Wake wanted to ask, what about the last time?

Why run away with the Merfolks’ Heart.

Bai Weiwei seemed to know his concerns.

She sighed, “Because there’s a secret in the Merfolks’ Heart, it seems to be about the merfolks. I read from an ancient merfolk book, that the Merfolks’ Heart would bring the merfolk king a disaster. I don’t want you to be hurt.”

Wake insisted: “Hurt how?”

Bai Weiwei hesitated, “If you fall in love with a human, you will die.”

Wake’s swimming paused, and his expression froze for a moment.

Bai Weiwei immediately said: “That was when I remembered that, so I took the Merfolks’ Heart and ran away, I wanted to take it to study.”


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