MGCH Chapter 899

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (69)

Humans couldn’t survive for long in the ocean.

These pearls couldn’t be eaten frequently.

Wake’s heart was tense, but his expression remained calm.

He thought of how the Merfolk’s Heart could make her into a merfolk.

But, the previous betrayal left him with a shadow in his heart.

The thought that Bai Weiwei might use the Merfolk’s Heart to make a wish that would make him sad.

Made him delay, not daring to get it for her.

Bai Weiwei crouched curiously to pick up a conch shell, and a beautiful ruby dropped out from inside.

The merfolk were like dragons.

They all liked these shiny things.

At the merfolk palace, a group of merfolk had gathered at an unknown time.

The merfolk nobles were all at the front.

“Your Majesty, we ask that the human be sent out to sea.”

Because this was the one his majesty loved, they didn’t dare to shout and yell to kill.

They could only be aggrieved, and request she leave.

Wake lightly glanced outside, unmoved.

The merfolk aristocracy continued to plead, “Your Majesty, this human has betrayed you, how can you keep treating her like before?”

The human that betrayed the merfolk was surprisingly still alive.

Furthermore, she continued to be granted asylum by the merfolk king.

This offended the entire merfolk community.

Wake suddenly held Bai Weiwei’s hand, he whispered: “Come on, let’s go and see.”

Bai Weiwei let go of the conch, and followed him out.

Outside was a group of colorful, flowery young merfolk, one by one they glared at her with violent eyes.

Very thick murderous energy.

Bai Weiwei felt she was facing thousands of predators.

Detecting the quivering of her fingers, Wake pulled her behind him, shielding her from the savage eyes of the merfolk.

He coldly glanced over all the fish, and said icily, “From today on, she is my wife, whoever disrespects her has insulted me.”

That was too heavy.

It made everyone not know how to protest.

It didn’t give them a chance to protest at all.

The oldest noble merfolk swam out, his face was aged, and his eyes carried the light of wisdom.

“Your Majesty, you are young after all. If it is for love, even if it’s human it doesn’t matter, but only on the premise that you love each other.”

The merfolk had great prestige.

Wake’s tone wasn’t so cold and hard, he gazed down at Bai Weiwei, with gentle eyes.

“We love each other.”

The deep affection in these words could raise goosebumps.

The old man sighed: “But, she betrayed you, as well as betrayed our merfolk clan, we can’t believe in her love.”

“Yes, how can a human’s love be trusted?”

“Humans are the most deceitful, they’re dirty, conniving, and unbearably ugly.”

“Your Majesty, you mustn’t be fooled, this human doesn’t love you.”

After the old man spoke, a lot of merfolk followed.

They hated not to rip Bai Weiwei to shreds right then.

Wake’s eyes were ruthless, “Shut up.”

This intimidation sent tremors directly into their brains.

Forcing dozens of merfolk at the scene to abruptly vomit, completely unable to endure the strength of this command.

The remaining merfolk’s complexions were all tragically pale.

No merfolk could resist the king’s power.

Bai Weiwei frowned and held his hand firmly.

Wake’s icy blue eyes, looked haughtily at the merfolk in front of him, and said word by word: “How could you be permitted to talk about my wife.”

The merfolk peered sadly at their king.

They couldn’t resist, and the atmosphere became terrible again with their simmering resentment.

Bai Weiwei suddenly pulled at his fingers, “Wake, do you remember the secret of the Merfolk’s Heart, it can detect a humans love?”

Wake lowered his face, his eyes disapproved a little, but they were more curious.

The Merfolk’s Heart, could it really see through a human’s heart?

Bai Weiwei looked at the eldest merfolk and asked him, “Do you know the secret of the Merfolk’s Heart.”

The old man’s quiet eyes had a few strands of compassion, “Yes, I know.”

In fact, only this elderly merfolk knew the secret of the Merfolk’s Heart.

He didn’t say it because Wake fell in love with a human.

He was too disappointed, if Wake ended up dying because of a human it would be good.

No need to implicate the merfolk species.

Bai Weiwei went on to say, “The secret of the Merfolk’s Heart is it’s able to detect whether a human is in love with a merfolk.”

The old merfolk frowned, how could the secret be this.

Sure enough, stupid humans could only talk nonsense.

Even so, he didn’t want the secret to be revealed. After all, Wake was really not his ideal ruler, it was better if he died.

He had to nod. He was the most reputable merfolk in the community, if he nodded, everyone would believe.

When Bai Weiwei saw his approval, she raised her head with clear and firm eyes.

“Wake, let me test it. Let the Merfolk’s Heart tell you if I love you.”


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