MGCH Chapter 900

Translator: TheWhiteBook

Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (70)

Wake took her hand, and his blue eyes brought out some gold.

This color appeared when his emotions were stimulated.

He glared at the merfolk with a sharp coldness, then gazed at Bai Weiwei with a soft tenderness.

Wake opened his thin lips, his voice was frigid, “I don’t agree.”

Having said that, he seemed to feel that the tone was too heavy. His eyes glanced at her, found that she wasn’t angry, and only then put a soft voice: “Whether you love me or not, I can feel for myself. No need for the Merfolk’s Heart.”

Bai Weiwei’s smile was unchanged, she also insisted, “But, I want to let everyone witness my love for you.”

Her smile was always gentle, and could make others comfortable.

Yet, this time her smile was a little different.

Wake wasn’t clear where the difference was, perhaps the expression was more natural?

Wake’s fingers couldn’t help but go deeper, grasping her hand, and lacing their fingers to feel the warmth of her skin.

This time let him feel closer to her.

Wake still had a shadow in his heart about the Merfolk’s Heart.

His tone was tense, “You won’t run?”

Bai Weiwei somewhat embarrassedly said: “Even if I wanted to run, I have no place to go. I’m now wanted on land for collusion with the merfolk.”

Wake ruthlessly, “You’re actually still thinking of escaping? And what ‘wanted for collusion with the merfolk’, it should be ‘wanted for being in love with a merfolk’, ah.”

This shamelessness.

It was so cute.

Bai Weiwei’s smile couldn’t help deepening, “Then do you dare let me test my love for you? I’m also curious, am I truly in love with you, after all human beings are very fickle.”

When Wake heard this, his eyes instantly turned golden, he gritted his teeth and emphasized: “You love me, I know.”

That said, he picked her up and directly summoned a whale.

Then he turned back and said to those dead merfolk, “To witness our love, keep up.”

After saying that he swam onto the back of the whale, then the whale immediately went to the eye of the sea.

The merfolk followed behind them on octopods and dolphins.

Wake’s expression and eyes were cold as he stared at the merfolk behind him.

“Don’t mind their gossip. It’s a bunch of single fish who can’t find a companion, they’re all jealous of us.”

Because merfolk were conscientious creatures, they were very careful with their feelings.

So it was difficult to find companions that fit each other.

A merfolk like Wake, who had just reached adulthood, and instantly found a companion for life that he approved of.

Very lucky.

The whale arrived at the eye of the sea at last.

Wake’s was so incredibly powerful that he could stand beside the eye of the sea or replace it.

As soon as reached out his hands, the Merfolk’s Heart came to him.

Bai Weiwei saw the Merfolk’s Heart was in his hand, and was just about to take it.

System: “Wait another twenty four hours. Twenty four hours from now, according to the store’s advertisements for upcoming discount goods, there will be a product that can deceive the Merfolk’s Heart.”

Bai Weiwei’s fingers paused, she looked up at Wake.

Only to find him staring quietly at her.

Eyes focused, soft and overflowing with love.

His delicate face, against the background of his blond hair, was beautiful enough to move anyone’s heart.

As she stared, she suddenly whispered to the system: “I always feel, I’ve seen him somewhere.”

When the shield was shut down, many of her subtle feelings surfaced.

For example, this inexplicable familiarity.

Familiar enough to make her…… emotions fluctuate.

Piper: If you guys remember, at chapter 800, I did a thing stating that we will enter chapter 900 ~100 hundred days in the future (a bit less cuz there were some bonus chapters) XD Well it’s been 96 days since then and so much has happened. I did do a AP test, I dropped most of my others, and my last one was pushed back to the Online version that I gotta take now on June 1st Orz. I also finally know what college I’m going to which allows me to create goals for myself again. This time spent in Covid has been really hard on me, and I’m pretty sure most of you guys too in your own ways. It’s really taken it’s mental toll, but I’m out of some of the most painful woodworks and now I just need to not fail my final classes XD

The next 100 milestone we’ll reach (The 1000s! YAY) will be around August 19th, about a month before I move into my college dorms (if they allow us too). This last 100 days really flew by fast, and the next is probably going to come and go real quick. So thank you all for reading this rant as well as 900, NINE HUNDRED, chapters. If there was one thing I stayed committed too during this at home quarantine, it’s been uploading daily (although that wouldn’t have been possible if TheWhiteBook and others didn’t already have the chapters translated, they are my godsend!) But it also wouldn’t have been possible if you guys weren’t there keeping up with you support, seeing your views on the statistics page really keeps some of us going. So thank you! I’ll give you another life update in ~100 days XD

Oh and sorry for uploading an hour late, ironically today was the deadline for uploading pictures and a quote for a virtual graduation and I was busy with that and lost track of time. Aww, the things we have come to because of COVID… 😛


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