MGCH Chapter 902

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Your Majesty The Merfolk, Hello (72)

There seemed to be something terrifying devouring her vitality.

Wake hurriedly hugged her, his form shivering, “Weiwei. Weiwei? What happened to you?”

Bai Weiwei struggled to reveal a few hints of a smile, “It’s all right.”

Wake reached out to touch her skin, it was like ice.

His fingers trembled, barely able to hold her. His voice sharpened, “Are you sick, let’s go find the black magus.”

Bai Weiwei could clearly perceive the feeling of losing her vitality.

It didn’t hurt, but it wasn’t good.

Her focus began to break away, and Wake’s image slowly blurred before her.

Wake immediately bit through the blood vessels in his wrist, continually pouring merfolk blood into Bai Weiwei’s mouth.

“Weiwei, drink more, this can cure the disease.”

A merfolk’s saliva could heal wounds, a merfolks blood could enhance the human physique to promote a healing effect.

Bai Weiwei smiled helplessly, her voice was powerless and hoarse, “Don’t hurt yourself, you were created by me, and also the one person I most hope to be happy in the world.”

She weakly reached out to touch his cheek, “I’m fine, just need some sleep.”

The whale sped to the location of the Black Magus.

Wake was alarmed as he observed her more and more gaunt appearance. It was as if some frightening thing was depriving her of her life.

The old merfolk noble fought for his life to catch up from behind.

“Your Majesty, put the Merfolks’ Heart back, the tremors have begun in the ocean.”

Wake had the blackened merfolk heart in his hand.

He was also away from the eye of the sea, so the earthquakes had started.

Wake didn’t hear, his mind was currently filled with her lifeless face, as he kept feeding her merfolk blood.

Repeating, “Don’t sleep, Weiwei, wake up.”

The aged merfolk finally caught up, “Your Majesty, you can’t save her. She willingly sacrificed herself to the Merfolks’ Heart, otherwise it would be you who died.”

The blue in Wake’s eyes turned golden, and even brought out a bloody red.

He exclaimed, “Roll, roll for me.”

The elderly merfolk were shocked and nearly died on the spot when he heard the command.

His voice shook as he quickly said, “The Merfolks’ Heart is truly a curse on the merfolk king. If you fall in love with a human being you will die of the curse, unless that human is willing to love you, willing to sacrifice her vitality to dissolve the curse of your body.”

Wake turned back, violently and fiercely glaring at him, “To the one who lies to the king, die.”

After this order, the old merfolk showed a sad expression, but he wasn’t affected.

He hadn’t lied.

So this command didn’t work.

Wake’s ferocious expression slowly changed.

Suddenly her fingers lightly grasped his hand, a weak, hoarse voice sounded.


Wake hastily turned back and saw that her face had declined to a frightful extent.

Merfolks had always been creatures that loved beautiful things.

Yet, at this moment he didn’t think that she was ugly at all, instead supporting her face preciously, “Weiwei, it’s no matter, you’ll be fine soon.”

Bai Weiwei’s body was so fragile that she would be finished any moment.

Even so, her eyes were clear as she said, “Kiss me.”

Wake froze, then bowed somewhat clumsily, and covered her lips.

Her lips were dry, no longer soft.

But, Wake kissed like she was the sweetest spring water.

Gentle and affectionate.

【Ding, the male lead’s favorability is at 100. The host’s mission is complete, ready to exit the plane……】

【Successful departure.】

Wake was caressing her face when it suddenly became empty air, and cold ashes drifted away between his slender fingers.

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