MGCH Chapter 905

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Reality (2)

His golden hair turned completely red, and his golden pupils turned black.

The beautiful golden blue of the fish tail, like the hair, turned a deep, blood red.

Full of ominous aura.

This was the color that the merfolk would only change into after losing all hope and being completely devastated.

He crushed the heart of the merfolk that murdered Bai Weiwei, and left many more of his own powerful fish scales in the Eye of the Sea.

To suppress the earthquakes on the seafloor.

Cities in the sea were being rebuilt, and humans could also start sailing on the ocean’s surface.

Everything slowly began to restore order.

Wake did not commit suicide, nor did he wail in greef.

He became very calm, like a pre-programmed machine.

He began to maintain the relationship between humans and merfolk.

Because he remembered that Weiwei said she had liked merfolk since she was a child.

She was a human, but because she liked merfolk, she became a wanted criminal.

She also said that he was her best hope.

Just make him happy.

He remembered everything she said.

His happiness was maintained by her, and his life created by her and was saved by exchanging her life.

So how dare he die, wasting what she gave him.

Wake was calm, restrained, and did whatever it took to start promoting a truce between humans and merfolk.

This kind of thing was not easy.

But for him, he could only get a little rest after he desperately pushes himself to the limits.

As soon as he stops working, his mind would repeat the scene of Weiwei dying in his arms.

During this time, humans started trading with merfolk.

Merfolk markets had also begun to appear on land, and humans have started to travel to the sea for shopping.

He also met Chen Mo once.

One man and one merman had a cold confrontation.

It seemed like they were about to attack each other at any moment.

But instead the two people quickly signed their names on an agreement to promote the relationship between humans and merfolk.

Chen Mo was already a senior official in the empire.

And the most powerful person to openly support a friendly relationship with the merfolk.

When Wake passed by him, Chen Mo gritted his teeth and said, “If it weren’t for her, you would have become sashimi.”

Wake felt no sadness or joy, even after looking at him longer, there was absolutely no emotion. Nothing.

That’s how it went.

Over the past many years, merfolk and humans forgot their hatred.

Both people in the sea and on land could come and go freely.

Everyone knew there was a person named Bai Weiwei who was the greatest researcher during that era.

Many of her papers on genetics had been translated and circulated around the world.

She became a common name in textbooks.

She was kind, beautiful, a genius, and all the best words to describe a great person were;nt exaggerations when used on her.

Even humans and merfolk can get along so friendly.

And that was thanks to her contributions.

These promotions originated from Wake.

He has been promoting Bai Weiwei all his life.

He gave Bai Weiwei the credit for everything he did great in his life.

Wake was still the cold and unhappy merfolk.

When he started to grow old, he liked to sit in the Merfolk Plaza.

Listening to other children discussing Bai Weiwei from the textbooks.

Or how the Bai Weiwei statue in the middle of the plaza was like an angel.

He remembered everything she said.

She liked merfolk, so he treated merfolk kindly.

She was a human being who longed for a friendly relationship between the humans and the merfolk.

He completed that too.

He tried his best to promote and publicize the various achievements of her research during her lifetime.

All in all, just because this was what she wanted.

Yes, he received his life from her.

But he didn’t dare to splurge it.

So he used his entire life to live for her goals.

What she liked was what he worked to create.


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