MGCH Chapter 906

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Reality (3)

He has been copying the path she wanted to take all of his like.

Doing everything possible to chase her disappearing steps.

He doesn’t even know how long he’s been alive for. Chen Mo’s already been dead for many years, yet Wake was still alive.

Sometimes Wake even envied Chen Mo.

If this life could end one day earlier, then he could see her one day sooner.

On Wake’s deathbed, he suddenly saw this scene.

Bai Weiwei reached out and took his hand. Then she smiled and said: “It’s okay, I won’t fall, I will support you.”

Her voice was so warm, and her smile so beautiful.

Wake came to his senses, he had been stumbling through his whole life.

He lost the girl who had been holding him and walking with him.

Wake slowly closed his eyes and suddenly stretched out his fingers.

It seemed like he was trying to hold someone’s hand, listen to something someone was telling him. It’s okay, I won’t fall.

Then slowly, his fingers began to turn into foam and disintegrate.

His body also began to turn into foam and disintegrate.

He drifted away, leaving behind an ice blue bead.

This was the new Merfolk’s Heart.

But it was different from the previous Merfolk’s Heart.

This heart was full of love, there was no curse, nor could it draw from the lives of others.

This heart loved a human being for many years.

In the end, it shattered the cursed cycle, leaving only pure beauty.

– – – – – – – – – –

Ye Yuxuan looked at her puffy eyes, he did not explain, just bowed his head.

Bai Weiwei only felt his fresh breath, as well as a moist and cool sensation.

Her uncontrollable emotions slowly calmed down.

Ye Yuxuan’s strength was inconceivably gentle.

But the life value was still stably and persistently rising.

Obviously so calm and gentle.

But his heart was as turbulent as a storm.

After the kiss, Ye Yuxuan gasped lightly and asked, “Do you know where I went just now?”

Bai Weiwei was a little dazed by the kiss, and baffled from the rising life value.

Her rhythm was all messed up by Ye Yuxuan, so she could only shake her head blankly.

In Ye Yuxuan’s calm eyes, a few gentle waves appeared.

“I’m going to try on clothes for the engagement.” 

Engagement, weren’t they already engaged?

Bai Weiwei was puzzled: “Engagement?” 

Ye Yuxuan replied: “The engagement ceremony last time was too simple. Everyone felt that it was a rushed engagement, so we should do it again.”

Originally he wanted to do the wedding ceremony to get married.

But Bai Changyan said there was not enough time, and Bai Weiwei had been in and out of a comatose state with the strange disease.

So it was changed to an engagement ceremony.

Bai Weiwei also remembered the engagement ceremony last time. Except there was actually no ceremony.

The two didn’t even meet at all.

Ye Yuxuan indifferently signed the engagement agreement, threw it on the table, and left for work.

A few minutes later, Bai Weiwei saw the agreement on the table.

She also signed her name expressionlessly, and then also left for work.

They were just such an unmarried couple who loved to work… How fitting.

Obviously they didn’t care about each other.

What happened to cause Ye Yuxuan, who didn’t care about her before, to change so much?

Could it be that every few minutes she teased him, she somehow activated this robot’s emotions?

Seeing her in a daze, Ye Yuxuan couldn’t help but stretch out his hands to hug her, “You go try on the dress too.”

Bai Weiwei quickly stopped, “Are you not afraid of me fainting at the engagement ceremony?”

Piper: I really wanted a mermaid themed song but I couldn’t find any :'( So I used this beautiful song by one of my favorite (and way too underrated) artist Nathan Wagner that certainly fit with the story, especially ML’s emotional state. Although if any of you know any mermaid themed songs, I’m all ears! Also look at this masterpiece from c.castle sent to me through our amazing discord XD



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