MGCH Chapter 908

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Reality (5)

Ye Yuxuan walked quickly, immediately appearing at Bai Weiwei’s side. He pulled her behind him with a cold face.

He looked at the tailor’s wife with gloomy eyes, “I let you take her measurements, not let you touch my wife with your old and wrinkled hand that is so ugly and dry that it sucks out all the surrounding moisture.”

Because they were both women, and even an old woman, Bai Weiwei didn’t think much about it.

But Ye Yuxuan’s appearance was similar to catching a pervert in the act.

The old woman smiled stiffly and was about to say something.

But the old tailor had already walked over, and he respectfully bowed to Bai Weiwei, “This was caused by my wife’s negligence, please forgive her.”

This old couple’s age was easily over 150 years old if added up together.

Bai Weiwei knew to respect the elderly despite how shameless she normally is.

She hurriedly replied, “No, this… madam did nothing wrong, she just kindly praised me.” 

The elderly man thanked her.

But it was just a courtesy of habit.

The elderly woman also came up to apologize.

The scene became very harmonious at an instant.

Bai Weiwei smiled stiffly, but Ye Yuxuan still had a cold face with gloomy eyes.

It was almost as if he was the one who got patted on the bum.

Bai Weiwei didn’t know how to wrap her head around that thought. So she patted his butt with her hand which caused her palm to start trembling from the pain.

WTF. This feeling, just how toned and strong is his body?

She calmly stated: “You’re also good looking and healthy, so we do have a place that is similar between the two of us.”

Ye Yuxuan turned to look at her.

His expression was a bit complicated, but at least it wasn’t so gloomy anymore.

He brought out the cup of hot drink that he made and handed it to her, “Drink something. Later we’ll go back to the hospital to check up on your health.” 

Bai Weiwei held the hot drink, which seemed to be a traditional Chinese medicinal tea, but it tasted sweet when she took a sip.

It felt like Ye Yuxuan was very familiar with this place.

Then, Ye Yuxuan sat next to her.

The long stool, with someone tall and strong sitting down by her side, who was standing, yet he was still taller than her.

The old tailor brought out the fabric, and Ye Yuxuan took the fabric and the catalogue very vigilantly.

Then he explained the fabric to Bai Weiwei.

Ye Yuxuan had an expressionless face, his body was leaning to the side with his head down. He opened the catalogue, with a small sample of fabric in his hand.

While speaking of this type of fabric, he turned the catalogue around to show her the final result.

Bai Weiwei listened, but her attention was slowly drawn away by his face.

The small shop has a wooden structure, which allows more sunlight to come in.

When he turned his face and spoke seriously to her in a low voice, he looked very soft even if he was expressionless.

In Bai Weiwei’s moodless eyes, there was a hint of radiance.

The warm little shop, the quiet atmosphere, with only his voice as background noise.

It’s rare where she doesn’t need to think about attacking, nor of her pitiful life, she even forgot about her inner anxiety.

Bai Weiwei stared at him quietly.

Ye Yuxuan was looking at the album, but his ears were getting a little red because of her gaze.

The pain from those dreams felt alleviated by her gaze.

Instead he was feeling a completely different emotion.

It was peaceful and pleasant, the frozen calm turned into warm spring water, not fierce and with no ups and downs.

After Ye Yuxuan finished explaining the fabric, he automatically moved onto other topics.

He had never experienced such a thing before, obviously the conversation should be over, but he still wanted to say anything just to delay time.

Just to prevent this moment from passing so easily.

“This tailor is a clothing designer who has served the Ye family for over 40 years.”

He closed the album and said.

“It’s safe here, you don’t need to worry whether or not this person’s been bribed.”

Bai Weiwei finished her drink and glanced at the tailor who was modifying her clothes.

Ye Yuxuan continued: “After he retired, he opened a small shop and is being sheltered by the Ye family so that he can live a stable life.”

Bai Weiwei: “You have done a good job. Arranging places for retired workers. It can win over people’s hearts and make the present people feel at ease when they work.”

Ye Yuxuan’s eyes lit up when he heard those words of praise. The corner of his mouth twitched up before being suppressed back down.

“The material and color of the dress are probably mostly decided. I’ll let her choose.”

After speaking, he stood up and took the empty glass from her hand.


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