MGCH Chapter 909

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (1)

He then turned and walked over to the tea area, poured out a fresh cup of hot drink, and returned and placed it in her hand.

His fingers made light contact with her fingertips.

For a moment, the two of them were in a daze from this contact.

Then, the two people calmly left.

Ye Yuxuan walked towards the old tailor, brought out the cloths he had just selected, and gave him instructions.

Bai Weiwei placed the drink on the chair and watched Ye Yuxuan’s figure in a rare moment of relaxation.

The system’s voice suddenly rang. “External life value: 300 days. Upper limit reached, unable to be increased.”

Bai Weiwei asked softly, “How many life points do I have now?”

System: “300 days outside, 24 days as system rewards. A total of 324 days.”

Bai Weiwei: “Less than a year of life.”

Of all her days of transmigrating, this was the day she’d obtained the most life value.

But at the same time, she knew.

Less than a year of life was very short.

Bai Weiwei looked at Ye Yuxuan’s slender and healthy body and gave a sigh. “Start the newbie gift pack ba, I’m going to the next plane.”

System: “Ye Yuxuan’s mood is rising right now and won’t cause a backlash on your life value. You can continue transmigrating after resting.”

Bai Weiwei slowly shut her eyes. “No, I’m afraid if I stay too long, I’ll accidentally like a certain someone, and it’ll be hard to handle.”

If she liked someone,

how could she capture another person?

She was afraid her mind would split apart and could only flee from this possibility.

The system was silent for a moment. “Fine, activating the newbie gift pack.”

Ye Yuxuan finished giving instructions, but the old tailor said gently, “Young Master, this girl is very good. Cherish her well ah.”

Ye Yuxuan gave him a cold glance. “Don’t say such nonsense.”

The old tailor knew he’d always been like this. He just laughed, then lowered his head to continue drawing the design.

But Ye Yuxuan seemed to feel something.

He immediately turned around and saw Bai Weiwei with her eyes closed, leaning against the wooden wall behind the chair. Her long hair spilled across her shoulders, and the hot beverage in her hand was still steaming.

Everything seemed so beautiful.

She fell asleep again.

Ye Yuxuan slowly walked in front of her, crouched down, and embraced her. “When you sleep, do you dream?”

– – – – – – – – – –

Bai Weiwei woke up with a familiar headache. She still hadn’t finished digesting the memories that had just been transferred.

She opened her eyes to a scene of a luxurious banquet1.

She held champagne in her hand and wore a high-fashion light purple dress. Her long hair that was wavy like seaweed cascaded down her chest, and she wore a small crown wrapped in diamonds.

There was one word to describe it–expensive.

And three men stood before her.

Each of the highest quality.

Bai Weiwei finished taking in the information in her brain.

The system’s notification sound immediately popped up.

【Task: obtain Xu Menggui’s love. Target: Xu Menggui. Completion: 0. Time: 4 months.】

Xu Menggui?

Bai Weiwei caught sight of a fox-eyed man, whose looks were particularly feminine, shooting coquettish looks at her.

She looked at the one in the middle. Cold and cool and handsome, but looking at her with eyes filled with deep affection.

Also a man a girl would like.

Finally, Bai Weiwei’s gaze shifted to the third man.

He kept his head down, his smile gentle. He was a little older than the other two, with a handsome and elegant face and an air about him that leaned towards bookish.

He was Xu Menggui.

When he looked at Bai Weiwei, his eyes held surprise.

But very hidden forbearance.

In a way that allowed Bai Weiwei to see it but think it was unintentional, he naturally looked at her for a few seconds before averting his eyes again.

1: 纸醉金迷: dazzling with paper and gold; indulging in a life of luxury.

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