MGCH Chapter 913

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The Little Princess’s Married-in Boyfriend (5)

The banquet was held in Bai Weiwei’s house.

Xu Menggui carried Bai Weiwei to the second floor. She was unexpectedly obedient, just laying there without speaking any further.

Xu Menggui noticed the difference, and he couldn’t help turning back to take a look.

He found that she had already fallen asleep. Her face that held baby fat seemed to be full of collagen1, and her lips were red like cherries. She even pouted lightly in her sleep.

She seemed like an innocent little girl.

Like she was eighteen years old.

Xu Menggui recalled that when he was eighteen, he had already begun to retaliate against the Xu family.

At that time he’d been like a demon hiding in the darkness, his heart full of terrifying tricks.

Xu Menggui indifferently looked ahead. Because all the decorations in the Bai family’s home were ones that Bai Weiwei liked.

Everything was extravagant and dreamlike.

Like a princess castle.

If the Bai family collapsed someday, this little princess would live no better than he did in his childhood.

At that time, the thought of her pure eyes becoming pained and twisted with hatred.

Xu Menggui felt his heart stir restlessly, and he was soothed.

Xu Menggui saw the butler arrive, and he immediately showed a gentle smile.

The butler asked him to carry Bai Weiwei to her room.

The room also clearly reflected a maiden’s heart, warm and comfortable.

Xu Menggui placed Bai Weiwei on the bed.

Bai Weiwei wasn’t on guard. She reached out to hug the quilt and continued sleeping.

Xu Menggui watched her coldly. She was truly defenseless.

He expressionlessly pulled out a pen from his pocket and wrote on a note.

A few sentences of the relatively unpopular love letter.

He placed a rose beside it.

Then he sat on the side for a while, calculating the time.

After all, he was acting as a clumsy and honest youth who was secretly in love with the princess. After bringing her back to her room, he would sit there nervously for a while and look at her to his heart’s desire before leaving.

That was what would be logical.

Xu Menggui calmly calculated the time. No more and no less.

Then he stood up and went out.

As soon as he went out, he saw the butler waiting for him.

He followed the butler to a small parlor.

Bai Qingshui sized him up, the expression in his eyes growing frostier.

“A member of the Xu family?”

The Xu family was about to fall apart.

Bai Qingshui was also aware of this.

Xu Menggui faced Bai Qingshui in a suitable manner, neither servile nor fearful.

“Yes, Mr. Bai.”

Bai Qingshui: “You know what it means for you to come today?”

Xu Menggui paused before saying: “I know.”

“You intend to marry into the Bai family?”

A bit of anguish flashed across Xu Menggui’s eyes, and his face revealed a bit of conflict, but he still said, “Yes, if I have the honor.”

Bai Qingshui sneered. “I just want to know your true purpose.”

Xu Menggui’s expression was calm. “After my father passed away, the Xu family is in a huge crisis. I marry in to let at least the young and old live on. They are family, after all.”

Bai Qingshui said in a level tone, “Just this?”

Xu Menggui hesitated, then said somewhat awkwardly, “Actually, I like…”

He swallowed the latter half of the words and did not continue.

But Bai Qingshui was clear that he was talking about liking his daughter.

Bai Qingshui smiled. Suddenly, he took out his gun and pointed it at Xu Menggui’s head. “Han Ling’s son. At that time, your mother nearly killed our family ne.”

Xu Menggui’s pupils constricted. All the muscles in his body tensed, and an agonizing struggle flashed in his eyes.

“I know. This is something that causes me guilt and suffering. I didn’t know about it when I was young. I only found out when I grew up.”

1: I feel like this sounds super odd in English but it’s supposed to be a compliment on the youthfulness and springiness(? elasticity?) of her skin. Declining levels of collagen are linked to aging, reduced skin elasticity, wrinkle formation, etc. I never really hear people talk about collagen like this irl tho.

Cheese: xmg’s attention to detail is astonishing, acting skills 9/10. I take off 1 point bc bww is the 10/10. also ngl but an INTELLIGENT and CAPABLE and PROTECTIVE daddy like bqs is kinda 6c *eyes emoji* (aaaaand that’s when i know it’s time for me to go to bed)


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